Why switch to a Jakarta coworking space

Businesses often rent their own offices to gather their employees and do their job together. The more employees the business has, the bigger the space they need. On top of the rent, electricity, internet, and water bills are also to consider. Without them, the office itself can’t function properly, so do the employees. But what if we tell you there’s a better option than renting a whole office?

Jakarta coworking space is actually not a new concept. It’s been there for a while but businesses are still hesitant to embrace the new way to connect with their employees and customers. Having your coworking space has more benefits compared to renting your own office. Here they are.

Jakarta coworking space is cost-efficient

No business would like to pay higher utility bills if they can resort to cheaper expenses. That’s applicable to coworking spaces too. Compared to renting your own office, what you pay in your coworking space is inclusive of all. You are paying for space, the electricity and water you consume, and the internet you use in a lump sum.

Let’s illustrate it better. Let’s say you are paying around $500 for your small office in a month. Your electricity can reach as high as $100 in a month. Your internet is $50. Your water is $50. Considering that this is just for a small office, imagine the amount you will pay if the number of your employees grows. Totaling everything that’s mentioned, you are going to spend around $700 or IDR 9,993,130.

If you switch to a coworking space, your expenses can be reduced. From $700, you can pay a maximum of $500 for everything, sometimes, with free parking. It’s a cost-efficient choice and if you want to minimize your utility bills and rent expenses, Jakarta coworking space is a great alternative.

You can grow your network

Another benefit of coworking space is the opportunity to meet new faces. How’s that? Since Jakarta coworking space allows different companies to use the facility, these people become acquainted. They have separate rooms or desks but they can meet in a large pantry or receiving area. Coworking space, most of the time, permits its tenant to share some areas of the facility, which is a good way to grow your network. So, if you run a business that needs a huge network, this might be your secret recipe.

Safe and secured

When you have your own office, you are also responsible for keeping it secured. All assets inside the office must be kept safe. You need to monitor everything that goes in and out of your office. You also need to double-check if the main door is locked. With Jakarta coworking space, you won’t have to be responsible anymore. Coworking space is usually run by management that keeps the facility secured. Although you still need to make sure your assets can’t be taken away, at least you don’t have to check if the doors are locked or if chairs and tables are complete. You can leave this to the management.

Wrapping up

Indeed, there’s a lot of advantages when you switch to a Jakarta coworking space. If you want to save money or grow your network, you can take this chance and start looking for the best offer in the Jakarta market.

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