5 Advantages Of Using a Cold Press Juicer

Juicing has become an essential part of the human diet. It’s extracting the vital nutrients from vegetables and fruits like spinach and apples. It’s even better for those who find it hard to eat whole fruits or eat vegetables as part of a meal.

Also, juicing has grown to be encouraged as part of the treatment of some ailments. Most especially, patients with swallowing, chewing, or digestive issues could juice to access the required nutrients. Besides, if you are having problems with weight loss, opting for this could have a positive impact.

That said, choosing the right kind of juicer can be depressing, especially if you are new to this. Some are slower than others, while some make more noise. The cost also varies. At the end of the day, the nutrients that are locked in after the process should be the most important.

How Does the Cold Press Juicer Work?

The cold press juicer delivers your high-quality juice with all the essential nutrients from the fruit or vegetables. It presses the contents pulverizing them without any interference by heat; hence no enzymes or nutrients are damaged.

Advantages of Using Cold Pressed Juicer

  1. Delivers high- quality nutrients

Others juicers spin at a higher speed and have heat that may result in oxidation of the nutrients and fibers. This is the opposite of a cold-pressed juicer which doesn’t produce huge amounts of heat, making sure that the nutrients are pure and fresh, delivering high nutritive juice.

  1. Produces more juice

In relation to centrifugal juicers, this type delivers you more juice. Besides, you can crush your nuts with a cold-pressed juicer such as those that make almond milk. Centrifugal juicers cannot do this.

  1. The noise is lower

Juicers can block your ears with the noise that they produce. However, a cold-pressed juicer removes less noise going by the likes of the centrifugal juicers. You don’t make noise for your neighbors when using this.

  1. No blockages

Processing your juice with the cold-pressed will have a nice experience as there are no blockages from fibers. Having to unblock the juicer all the time can have you using it a lot of time. The reverse action motor in this juicer makes sure that something is not found in the centrifugal juicers.

  1. Longer shelf life

Juice produced by the cold-pressed juicer can last for as long as three weeks if properly stored in the fridge. Reason being that it’s usually very fresh since the enzymes and nutrients are not destroyed, unlike the centrifugal juicers, which use high amounts of heat.

I don’t know what you are looking to achieve, but if you are aiming to consume as many nutrients as you can from either vegetables or fruits, then a cold-pressed juicer is your go-to. They are quite slow, but that’s what ensures the nutritive value of their end product. Also, they make less noise meaning you can make lots of juice without disturbing your family. The longer shelf life also means that you can store some so that you don’t have to juice on a daily basis.