The Benefits of Protein Powder for Non-Athletes

When you are looking for wholesale supplements or want to make your own custom protein powders, the many health benefits of these products will be high on your mind. You may already know what a powerful macronutrient that protein is. Many athletes will try custom protein powders or wholesale supplements as a means of bulking up and becoming more fit.

Protein powder has hormones and enzymes that provide other benefits as well. These are benefits you can take advantage of, even if you aren’t an athlete. One of those benefits is weight loss, with one 2015 study showing that people that ate protein more would more likely not only lose weight, but maintain that loss. That is just one of the many benefits of protein powder for non-athletes. Learn more about them here.

Weight Loss or Maintaining Weight

Weight loss is a struggle for millions of Americans, maintaining weight loss is often harder than losing weight, to begin with. Protein helps people to lose weight because it helps you to feel more full and for a longer period of time. When it comes to mealtimes, the results are generally smaller portions. You’ll also snack less when you take protein powders.

For those trying to lose weight, consuming custom protein powders regularly adds calories and fullness and prevents you from taking in extra calories. You also will have an easier time maintaining weight with protein powders when a diet ends. Too many times, when a diet ends, the old habit of cheat foods and high-calorie snacks gets picked up too easily.

When you take protein powder, this habit is much easier to curb, even after a weight loss diet ends. This makes maintaining weight loss much easier.

Growing Muscles

It is well known that protein is necessary for the growth of muscle, and muscle growth is why athletes and bodybuilders enjoy using their own custom protein powder. It is this benefit that could also greatly benefit non-athletes. Anyone that is recovering from surgery or has muscle tissue issues could benefit from some protein supplementation.

When you are taking protein powder for muscle growth, it’s best to implement strength training or resistance training into your daily life as well, where you can. Even using resistance bands while watching television can greatly contribute to your overall muscle growth.

Collage Growth – Hair, Nails, Skin

More protein in the body means more collagen, which is a kind of protein. Collage is the protein that aids in maintaining and optimizing the health of nails, skin, and hair. Collagen also comprises approximately 70 percent of the skin, making it among the highest amount of protein in the human body.

Collagen improves skin and hair, and also helps to keep joints mobile and working well. When collagen in the body begins to decline in production, wrinkles occur. That begins to occur when we reach our forties.

Protein powders can help there. At the same time, while you may not always be able to fight the signs of aging on your face, your hair and nails won’t suffer collagen loss the way your skin will.

When you begin taking protein powder on a regular basis, you will see that your hair and nails will begin to feel and look better. And, even if you can’t stop the signs of aging, you can help your skin in other areas. Protein powders are known to help with skin production under the eyes, which could reduce any puffiness or bags under your eyes from lack of sleep.

Create Custom Protein Powders Today

When you are thinking of implementing protein into your life, there are many reasons and benefits to doing so, even if you aren’t an athlete. Custom protein powders will help you to lose weight, keep it off, and build muscles that can make you stronger. Wholesale supplements can also help you to have healthier-looking skin and hair as well, at lower prices than salon treatments. Create your own custom protein powders today.

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