NYIFC Press Release, Charity Release and Training Sponsors Announcement

NYIFC x WeDo GoodWorks x Heal Charlotte x BBSC

Press Release, Charity Release and Training Sponsors Announcement

NY International F.C. is delighted to announce an innovative, new, 1-year training sponsorship with 3 amazing community partners following the conclusion of our community sponsorship raffle, which used the video game FIFA 21 to simulate a virtual soccer tournament to select the winners.
As a club, we have always wanted to be a force of positivity and constantly want to find new ways to engage and improve our ties to our community. The raffle allowed our local and soccer community to collaborate with our club and suggest businesses and charities that would benefit from a sponsorship relationship with a sports club, at no cost to the business/charities.
“In the midst of a global pandemic, businesses and charities are finding it incredibly hard to stay afloat. We wanted to find ways to support our community and felt that offering sponsorship at no cost to the selected businesses/charities was a small gesture to help give some deserved promotion and also strengthen ties to our community.” Says Nick Platt, Club President.
We are thrilled to announce the three businesses we are partnering with:

WeDo GoodWorks, an NYC-based non-profit, improves the lives of disadvantaged New Yorkers by reallocating furniture and household goods to those in need in order to give a hand up and improve lives.

Heal Charlotte, based in Charlotte, NC, are a non-profit organization focused on neighborhood revitalization with a holistic approach; here to serve the community, to build trust and a legitimate bond between the community, its laborers, and officials.

BBSC, Big Booty Social Club is a NY-based lifestyle brand that wants to be fun and inclusive. Either you are in love with corgis or you want to celebrate the shapes that make you special. There is always a BBSC outfit for you.

WeDo GoodWorks Founder, Troy Chapman says: “New York City is one of the most diverse, vibrant, and wealthy cities in the world yet homelessness, poverty, and displacement are rife and can happen to anyone; WeDo GoodWorks aims to transform living spaces into homes for those in need. We are delighted to partner with a distinguished local soccer club that captures and celebrates the diversity of NYC in addition to sharing our passion of making a difference in the lives of New Yorkers. Thank you to NY International FC for working with us and putting as much effort into doing good work off the field as you do on it!”
Gary Philpott, First Team Manager at NY International F.C. explains, “This is a win-win for all involved. Our team are over-the-moon with the beautiful new Icarus training tops they will receive, and we are delighted to be able to highlight and represent our amazing community”.

All 3 partners will be placed on our brand new training jerseys, designed in collaboration with Icarus.
The two charities, WeDo GoodWorks and Heal Charlotte, will receive an equal share of all profit made from sales of the training jerseys. We are extremely excited to have been afforded this opportunity to try and raise some funds for these superb charities.

Furthermore, we will be working with all 3 partners to promote and support them over the next year across our social media, on our website, and in our video content. We feel incredibly privileged to work with such incredible partners and are excited to get started.
The training jerseys are now available for purchase via the NYIFC club store.

Nick Platt – President, NYIFC

NYIFC Store: www.nyintfc.shop
WeDo GoodWorks: https://www.wedogoodworks.org/
Heal Charlotte: https://www.healcharlotte.org/
BBSC: https://bigbootysocialclub.com/
Icarus: https://icarusfc.com/

Contact: NYIFC Media Team (nyintfc@gmail.com)

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