Satanic Drug Rituals at Manchester Metal Gig

Manchester, UK, 4th March, 2022: A student bar in central Manchester is alleged to have descended into chaos on Wednesday night as heavy metal club, the Disciples of Death, held yet another event in the city.


The club and its members are accused by some of allowing its gig at the Retro Bar Basement Club to erupt into violence, after witnesses described satanic rituals being performed on stage, animal sacrifice and club representatives distributing free wraps of cocaine to the audience. Greater Manchester Police have not commented, and no arrests have been reported.


It is not the first time the club has been accused of promoting concerts that become out of control. A previous event in 2021 was said to have seen one fan taken to hospital after a heroin overdose, several staff injured, and the capacity of the venue dangerously breached. All of which the club denies.


If you’ve never heard of them before, the Disciples of Death promotes itself as a social club for heavy metal fans and is very popular with students and young people. However, some see it as a parent’s worst nightmare and are 100% against the influence the club has on their children and our youth in general.


Disciples of Death’s founder, Rob Cronan, said: “We always aim for maximum impact at our events so fans and bands get the most out of the experience. To outsiders this looks like chaos or debauchery, but that’s just how we like it. It is of course harmless fun.”


“Inevitably we have people turn up who simply do not get the scene or the moshpits, which are interpreted as acts of violence. Out of this many accusations are levelled at our club and members, all of which are unfounded. We have never had any trouble at any of our gigs, which are always safe and in line with health and safety legislation. I can also confirm no animals were sacrificed before, during or after the Retro Bar show.”


“Everyone who came had an amazing night and that’s thanks to our headliners, In Depths, and our supporting acts, Viral Strain and Dive South, who all performed brilliantly. It’s such as shame that we must release statements like this after a show. If people don’t believe us, they should come and see for themselves. Yes, it’s rowdy, energetic and a lot sexier than a boring night propping up a bar somewhere. But truly, if you’re part of our community you would see a supportive group of people letting their hair down, not some satanic drug cult. We’re not the monsters the pubic believe us to be.”


The Disciples of Death have other gigs planned in the city in the coming months, including further shows at the Retro Bar in April and May.

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