Ideal Postcodes leading the address validation space in data security and compliance

Ideal Postcodes, an address validation service announced it has received ISO 27001 certification, demonstrating its commitment to customer data protection and setting an example for partners and competitors in the field.As of 18th January 2022, Ideal Postcodes has been certified for ISO 27001 by Centre of Assessment Ltd, a leading certification provider and UKAS-accredited body. The ISO27001 certification is an internationally recognised standard that ensures businesses meet the best practices for an information security management system (ISMS). This certification is a milestone that showcases Ideal Postcodes’ commitment to protecting their systems and customers.
Since its launch in 2012, Ideal Postcodes has become one of the fastest-growing address validation services in the UK. With revenue growth of 124% in the past year, Ideal Postcodes has demonstrated its agility to shift with the changing market and gain the trust and confidence of customers. The ISO27001 certification allows them to advance further by providing users with reliability and security, as well as an improved management process to protect data information and mitigate risks.

To acquire an ISO27001 certificate, organisations have comprehensive requirements to develop and follow security policies and practices. It is a framework that helps businesses build, implement, operate, review, and maintain an ISMS. This includes security policies, risk management, access control, operations security, business continuity, compliance and more. The process requires an external audit by an accredited auditor, meaning that Ideal Postcodes has been thoroughly assessed to the highest standards.

“We are not cutting corners when it comes to security. Data protection is a vital part of our business as we are committed to giving our customers peace of mind when using our services.

The ISO 27001 certification sets us apart as an address validation company. Out of all the popular address validation providers in the UK, only 3 are certified, and Ideal Postcodes is one of them.”Christopher Blanchard, Founder and CTO

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