William S. Burrough’s Embarcadero and Jim Morrison’s First Love NFT collections bring the legends together again  

James Douglas Morrison, also known to millions of adoring fans over the course of 7 decades as Jim Morrison, has topped the lists of international pop-culture icons since his first album release in 1967. Now, in 2022, we have set out to mint one of the greatest collectible collections of all-time with stills from Jim Morrison’s FIRST LOVE non-fungible tokens (NFTs), as well as stills of William S. Burroughs: Embarcadero available for you to own now at Opensea.io


Both collections’ first drop contain 3 NFTs each in a limited edition of 110.

Morrison’s FIRST LOVE photography was the anchor point in Rod Pitman’s film Obscura. Pitman; “It’s one thing to have pictures of Jim Morrison; however, you move to another dimension when you own Jim Morrison’s pictures. Morrison as a photographer brings a certain gravitas and subsequent comfort in the work to the customer base. And then you have William Seward Burroughs, The Godfather of The Beat Generation.  As known quantities, they help change the perception of NFTs as way more than just a ‘flash in the pan’ which is an improvement on the overall market landscape.” LiveForTheRush.com
Elizabeth Buckner, who is the star and joint-author of the FIRST LOVE project says; “Jim once said, and I have always remembered, “I am a ‘voyeur’ of the human condition.” First Love is an early testament to his creativity. I believe he would appreciate and want to participate in this ‘nouveau’ currency revolution–the NFT.”  ElizabethBuckner.me  


In 1964, Jim Morrison and close friend Elizabeth Buckner were joint authors of a black and white camera project. Elizabeth Buckner was the talent, with photographer Jim Morrison doubling as curator of the imagery. The result, among other things, are rare frame by frame grayscale photographs by James Douglas Morrison. The collection informs, educates and inspires the public. JimMorrisonPhotographer.com


When we see greatness, we should memorialize it. Oracle William S. Burrough’s powerful pandemic of words has always been the definition of intrigue. Here are the unique images from an end-of-life Burroughs as he presides over Allen Ginsberg’s “Cremation Ceremony” in Lawrence, Kansas (1997).  WilliamSewardBurroughs.com

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