Plays to Watch in Biotherapeutic OTC Markets

Over the past year, we’ve learned FAR more about biotherapeutics than we ever wanted to know. But since we’re always on the lookout for investment opportunities, perhaps it’s for the best.

As it stands, biotherapeutic firms offer huge moneymaking potential to the courageous. This biotech niche focuses on developing treatments for diseases and disorders. Over their lifespan, these companies have many swings & misses. But it only takes one hit to make them into household names.

Think about it – before 2020, nobody had heard of Moderna. Now, their vaccines are protecting millions of people worldwide from COVID-19. Just imagine how wealthy you’d be if you bankrolled MNRA back in the 2010s, when nobody took their mRNA tech seriously. Their stock price was sitting around 15-20 USD then. Today, they’re well above 170 USD, and with potential future applications for mRNA, it’ll only go higher.

Want to be part of a future success story? If so, you’ve got to get into a ground floor opportunity – you can’t wait until Jim Cramer talks about it on Mad Money. In this post, we’ll talk about three OTC biotherapeutics stocks that have breakthrough potential.

Northwest Biotherapeutics (OTCMKTS: NWBO)

Fourteen years – that has been the bruising development timeline of DCVAX-L, Northwest Biotherapeutics cornerstone product. This alone should tell you why timid investors usually avoid biotech stocks.

To see a worthwhile ROI, you need to to hold for years – even decades. And if things don’t work out? You could lose everything – ouch.

That said, there will soon be an opportunity to potentially turn a massive profit on NWBO. Sometime in 2021, Northwest Biotherapeutics will finally release the results of their DCVAX-L phase III trial. This event will be a relief for long-term holders, as this trial has been ongoing since 2014.

But what exactly is DCVAX-L anyway? In short, it’s a personalized vaccine treatment for sufferers of glioblastoma, a highly lethal brain cancer. The treatment harvests a patient’s dendritic cells and trains them how to kill cancer cells. The mixture is then re-injected into the patient’s tumor, which it then attacks.

As the anticipated day of NWBO’s phase III unblinding approaches, its price has been see-sawing violently. Before August 2020, this stock had traded in a tight 0.15-0.35 band. However, with the end of the phase III trial approaching, it has shot above 1.00, with many 5-10% price swings.

NWBO  has seen better days. More than a decade ago, it traded in the double digits, with a peak above 110.00 in 2006. If the unblinding reveals highly positive results, prices could 10x – and that’s a conservative estimate.

Want more info on northwest bio stock? Click the link for more details.

Creative Medical Technology Holdings Inc. (OTCPK: CELZ)

Stem cells are another popular biotherapeutics vehicle. So it’s no surprise that Creative Medical Technology Holdings has taken this approach in its bid to treat people with Parkinson’s.

This company has developed a proprietary therapy they call ImmCelz. It works by taking a patient’s blood cells and “reprogramming” them with universal donor stem cells. These augmented blood cells are then re-injected into the patient. So far, pre-clinical data has indicated that conditions from liver failure to rheumatoid arthritis have responded to treatment.

As of May 24, you can add Parkinson’s Disease to that list. A recent press release announced that pre-clinical data supports this modality as a Parkinson’s treatment. Now to be clear, these releases are meant to lay the groundwork for much larger studies. As we speak, CELZ is recruiting participants for a clinical trial for StemSpine, another of their products.

So what does CELZ’s stock price look like? Recently, it has been dormant – over the past year, this equity has traded from 0.0013 to 0.13. Currently, it’s sitting at around 0.04. This play is the definition of pure potential – with CELZ’s product portfolio, the stock could blow up if they hit further successes.

Or, like other stem cell treatments, they could flop. So don’t bet the house on CELZ – but if you got extra cash laying around, this stock is a fun one to speculate on.

Sunshine Biopharma, Inc. (OTCPK: SBFM)

Cancer is humanity’s greatest scourge. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), 41% of us can expect a positive diagnosis in our lifetime. So, it’s understandable why many biotech firms focus so intently on developing effective treatments. If they hit, they’ve got a cash cow that’ll produce revenue for decades.

As of May 2021, it appears Sunshine Biopharma – a biotherapeutics firm in Quebec, Canada – may have struck gold. Before we continue, understand that cancer is a highly complex disorder. What works well against one variant is ineffective against others. And often, a patient’s cancer can quickly develop defences against the drugs/treatments being deployed against it.

So given this background info, it makes recent findings on Sunshine Biopharma’s Adva-27a drug incredibly exciting. According to the firm, this treatment manages to evade P-glycoprotein, a structure present in more than half of all cancers. P-glycoproteins enable cancers to develop defences against foreign attackers, so eluding this structure is crucial. Further, Adva-27a acts to inhibit Topoisomerase II, an enzyme central to cancer cell reproduction.

Together, these effects mean that Sunshine Biopharma may have a groundbreaking treatment on its hands. At the start of the year, SBFM was only worth 0.02. However, anticipation had driven the stock to the 0.10-0.15 range through Q1 and Q2 2021. After the aforementioned news broke, SBFM spiked to 0.24. But in recent days, the price has dropped back to 0.15.

This drug could be a difference-maker in many lives. So at its current price, we feel that SBFM is a good bargain.

Biotherapeutics are High-Risk, High-Reward Plays

This asset class is no place for beginners. Even if you’ve traded for a while, you should never invest with cash you can’t afford to lose. But if you can, give one of these equities a spin. If they hit, it could pay off handsomely for you.