Private vs. Commercial flights

If you’ve flown anywhere on a plane you will know the stress involved with commercial flights. Even if you’re flying first class the long queues, small bag weight limits and overpriced airport food put a lot of people off flying.

If you’re flying for business your time is very important. Wasting it by waiting in a long airport queue is not ideal. And there’s also the odd occasion that you miss your flight- nobody enjoys the process of rescheduling the flight!

If you hate all of these issues with commercial flights, flying privately may be more suitable for you.

Benefits of Private Jet

When you think of a private jet, normally you think of comfort and luxury. Although, private jets are much more comfortable than most flights, you can still get high quality luxurious flights when flying first class.

The more important and underrated benefits to flying privately is the speed and flexibility of flights. You can avoid nearly all waiting times and bag restrictions. There’s no need to arrive a few hours before your scheduled flight, with private flights you only need to arrive 15 minutes before the flight departs.

Flight times can even be shorter because private jets have more access to airports worldwide. This means you don’t waste time doing connection flights- you can fly much closer to your destination straight away.

These benefits are great for business flights as time is very precious. If you’re flying for a business you can manage your schedule without having to change your plans for commercial flight schedules. Productivity can improve by 150% when using private flights for travel. So unless you don’t like profits, if you’re a business person booking private flights should be a must!

Saving this valuable time can also give busy people the opportunity to spend more time with their families/loved ones and less time doing security checks at airports.

Having your private terminal means you can avoid quite intrusive and frustrating security checks. At most private jet flights you can drive right up the plane for that extra sense of luxury!

How do I book a Private Jet?

For most people buying your private jet would be way too expensive. But there are cheaper alternatives to using private jet services. One of the best ways to fly privately is using private jet charter services.

A charter flight is a flight that is not in a routine schedule. With a charter flight, you basically decide the planes schedule yourself. It’s similar to renting a car for the weekend- but the jet is a bit bigger! After renting the private jet you decide the arrival, departure location and times. The flight will depart when you want it to leave- so you don’t have to worry about missing your flight.

With private jet charters, you rent the whole plane- this means you can decide who goes with you on your flight. Unlike crowded airports and commercial seats, you can enjoy a few comfortable hours on a private jet experience. If you’re travelling with members of your teams, you can even have meetings on the plane and get work done while in the air.

Most private jet charters offer a beautiful, restaurant-like experience. Instead of mostly bland commercial food, you get perfectly cooked food that will have you feeling like you’re dining at a Michelin star restaurant. It also gives you the chance to feel like a celebrity with dedicated VIP treatment when checking in and when on the flight.

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