Dishy Dads: 1 in 4 Women Fancy their Fathers-in-Law

In May 2021, the UK-based greeting cards company Scribbler surveyed 2,419 married and coupled-up UK adults to find out just how many people have secret crushes on their in-laws! The survey (conducted through polling provider, eOpinion) found that:

  • More than 1 in 4 women in the UK (27.5%) are attracted to their Father-in-Law
  • 1 in 5 (20%) have flirted with them
  • 1 in 9 women (11%) are in love with their Father-in-Law

And, wait for it…

  • Over 1 in 20 (5%) have kissed their husband or partner’s Dad
  • And 1 in every 140 (0.71%) have had sex with their Father-in-Law!


So, from Dad Bods to Yummy Mummys and everything in between, it’s quite clear that a large proportion of us Brits are harbouring serious secret crushes on our in-laws. But who’s the most desirable? Dishy Dads or Moreish Mums? To find out, Scribbler also took a sneak peak at Google search data over the last 12 months to discover more about the UK’s secret motherly fetishes and fatherly fantasies.

Their analysis found that thousands of saucy search terms related are Googled every day in the UK, including more than a search every single hour indicating someone looking for some, ahem, adult material with a parental twist!

But why are so many people attracted to older men and women?

To find out, Scribbler asked Sex & Relationship Advisor, Katie Lasson from the adult sex toy and designer lingerie company Peaches and Screams if she could shed some light on the matter;

“When it comes to relationships with a big age gap, each of the partners’ hopes for something – one may want to become a popular person, the other dreams of money” says Katie. “Behind this union unknowingly lies an unresolved relationship with parents, as well as a possibly painful experience of previous relationships.

“Probably, the youngest partner once experienced a serious disappointment in a relationship with a peer, so they might think it is better to choose an older partner. It is clear that an older person is more stable, but the coin has two sides. You can’t get everything at once. A 40-50-year-old spouse is indeed more stable, but you can’t have fun with him as often as you possibly could with your peer. When people understand how their daily relationships actually develop, frustration can arise.”

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