Choosing Your First Vape Kit – A Guide for New Vapers

Whether you’re looking to vaping as a safer smoking alternative or you’re just curious to learn more about what vape kits are available, this guide is perfect for everyone new to vaping.

When it comes to choosing a new vape kit, it first pays to know that there is an e cigarette out there for everything. Many new vapers get frustrated when making the switch from smoking to vaping because they’re not getting along with their e cigarette. However, this is mainly due to the fact that they’ve chosen the wrong device for their needs. In turn, this frustration leads to giving up on e cigarettes and picking up their unhealthy smoking habit once again.

Getting to know the different types of e cigarettes on the market will help you to make a better informed decision and find a device that ultimately suits you.

Which Device is Right for Me?

Simple Vape Kits

If you want…

Satisfying hand to mouth action

For many people who are trying to quit smoking, one thing they miss the most is the action of smoking itself, that is the hand to mouth action involved when taking a draw from a cigarette. Smokers begin to associate pleasurable feeling of inhaling tobacco with that hand to mouth action meaning that even with the help of a nicotine patch or gum they are still missing that action that comes with smoking. E cigarettes help to combat that antsy feeling you may get when trying to cut back or quit on your cigarettes as the same hand to mouth action is required to take in vapour.

The vape kits collection at ProVape is a good option for beginners, offering comprehensive starter packages that come equipped with all the essential components for an immediate vaping experience. Each kit is carefully collected, providing a vape battery, tank, coils, and charger.

If you’re an ex smoker who is missing that hand to mouth action the most then the following kits may be right for you:

Cig a likes

As their name suggests cig a likes are designed to mimic the look and feel of a real cigarette. They a slim, small and usually disposable. They’re great little device if you’re just looking for something to occupy your hands and give you a nicotine hit as you’re stopping smoking.

Pod vapes

Pod vapes are small, sleek devices with a typically rectangular shape. Pod vapes are discreet and will easily fit in your handbag or pocket. Most pod vapes are also easy to refill and use.

Vape pens

Your typical vape pen will be slim tube shape with a mouthpiece attached. The simplest vape pens activate on inhalation or have one operation button. More advanced pens may include more features such as adjustable airflow or temperature control.

If you Want…

Unfussy device operation

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the range of advanced vaping devices on the market, then you may want to opt for a more simplistic device. Pod vapes and vape pens are some of the most uncomplicated devices on the market. If you really want to keep things simple, look for a device with single button or ‘inhale to activate’ operation. The most basic vaping devices are disposable cig a likes. Disposable vapes can be used by anyone (of age) and don’t require any prior knowledge or experience with vaping. disposable e cigs are also a great way to save money as one disposable cartridge is usually equivalent to around 15 to 20 cigarettes at only a fraction of the price.

If you want…

A more intense throat hit

Throat hit is a term used by vapers and smokers to describe the sensation which occurs as you inhale smoke or vapour. Many ex smokers, particularly heavy smokers look for a way to recreate this unique feeling through their vaping devices to better mimic the sensation of smoking.

Not all vaping devices give off a satisfying throat hit, so if this is something important to you, you’re going to want to make sure your vaping device is up to the test.

Box Mods

Box mods are known for their advanced features and are generally used by those with more vaping experience. As the name suggests, box mods are box-shaped devices and are one of the more bulky vaping devices out there. Box mods offer a more custom vaping experience and therefore a more intense throat-hit if desired. Box mods are also often the choice model for ‘cloud chasers’ those who want to produce big, dense clouds with their vapour to heighten their vaping experience.