Bamboo partners with Traced to offer mobile security to customers

  • Traced is AI-driven to protect iOS and Android devices from sophisticated mobile attacks
  • Customers can achieve and remain compliant with data security regulations
  • Employee privacy is ingrained in Traced so organisations can more easily implement BYOD strategies
  • Partnership further boosts Bamboo’s cyber capability and Security as a Service proposition

Bamboo Technology Group Ltd (Bamboo), a leading provider of connectivity, data, software, managed IT and cyber security solutions has partnered with Oxford-based mobile cybersecurity company Traced to provide customers with an employee-privacy focused solution that identifies, analyses and remediates mobile-borne threats on employees’ phones and tablets.

Mobile Threat Defence has become a key requirement for any business whose employees access company data (e.g. email) via mobiles, with 40% of CISOs regarding employees using personal devices to access corporate data as their top security challenge for 2021[1]. The partnership with Traced enables the Gloucestershire-based service provider to further cybersecurity services to its customer base.

As mobile and IoT devices have become a primary means for cybercriminals to gain digital access into an organisation, these devices pose a rapidly growing risk to any businesses. If this risk is left unmanaged, businesses remain exposed to ransomware attacks, data breaches, fines and damages.

Bamboo’s ongoing focus on operational resilience, together with their comms and IT solutions has led to a growing demand from their customers for cyber protection and new solutions.

“It’s very easy to focus on being just an ICT provider or just an expert in cyber resilience, but at Bamboo we believe the services are inextricably linked and so we’ve worked hard to find risk mitigation solutions and partners that complement our existing services. We are providing the digital assurance and compliance wrap around multiple ICT disciplines,” explained Lorrin White, CEO at Bamboo. “The Traced solution specifically deals with the challenges of securely operating mobile devices within your ICT infrastructure.”

Unlike other mobile security solutions, Traced combines AI-powered mobile protection technologies and straightforward user guidance to deliver the best possible protection against mobile malware, phishing and data theft.

Traced is the first to have implemented an on-device natural language processing deep learning model to identify never-before-seen phishing links based on the language in the link alone. This technology has spotted and stopped numerous new banking fraud SMS phishing scams.

“We are hugely excited to partner with Traced,” she continued.  “Working in partnership with a team that has dedicated their technical expertise to the understanding of the mobile infosec challenge is refreshing. Their unique threat protection solution is a natural fit with our existing portfolio and we look forward to bringing this to market.

Traced is built from the ground up to tackle the growing privacy needs of mobile device users with the security needs of modern mobile devices. With employee privacy at its core, customers can achieve 100% adoption even if they already have Mobile Device Management (MDM) in place or are struggling to implement a BYOD strategy because of concerns about security, employee privacy and compliance.

Commenting on this new partnership, Benedict Jones, CEO at Traced said, “We’ve teamed up with Bamboo to solve these challenges and meet our shared objective of protecting our customers against mobile threats. By combining Traced’s unique threat protection technology and threat intelligence with Bamboo’s cyber risk assurance technology stack and operational resiliency expertise, we’re enabling businesses to identify, assess and manage their cyber risks easier than ever before.”

“Change is challenging for many businesses and never more so when the risk of operational and/or financial damage is growing by virtue of a more digital world. With the take up of remote working increasing and the move to IP services ramping up, mobile security should be on every board agenda.” said White.  “Traced’s flexible construct ensures that change can be managed simply, whether implementing mobile security as a completely new solution and protocol, transitioning through a digital transformation program or working with existing solutions and policies.”

“Cybersecurity today means as an ICT service provider we have to consider the entire attack surface of our offering and Traced ensures that mobile is no exception,” concluded White.





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