How to turn your classroom bulletin board into an interactive one with QR codes?

Since having a conducive learning environment is one of the factors teachers consider to easily instill the required knowledge and skills to their students, having knowledge and application corner is a must for every classroom.

And one of the corners they usually improve to extend the willingness of students to learn in a fun way is the bulletin board. As bulletin boards are usually used to place announcements for future events and other important means, teachers also utilize the use of them to add additional learning materials such as concept tidbits and more.

With their current utilization of the bulletin boards in every subject they tackle for their students, the information they place in it doesn’t ignite a learning interaction to the students.

Because of that, they are now finding new technological ways to turn their static bulletin boards into and fun and interactive ones. And as high-tech tools may come at a hefty price, they will need to look for a brilliant tech that is easy to create and maintain, as well as easy on the budget.

Through their search, they venture upon the use of QR codes, an early 90s tech that is usually used in storing product information at a lengthy scale.

How to turn your traditional classroom bulletin board into an interactive one with QR codes?

To turn a classroom bulletin board into an interactive one, teachers will first need to find an online QR code generator that will provide professional-looking QR codes at a reasonable price and secure the materials they need to convert it into.

Once they have found it, they can now proceed in converting the learning materials into a QR code. As there are many ways on how they can turn their traditional bulletin boards into interactive one, here are three notable means that teachers can add up into their interactive bulletin board.

Use QR codes as a portal to your interactive learning games

Concepts in Mathematics and Science are best learned through the use of simulation exercises. And one way for teachers to properly introduce them to a simulation game that holds the concept in it is through the use of QR codes.

By just letting the students scan the code and play the game to understand the concept more, they can now make a difficult concept into a simpler one with it. Thus making their learning capabilities go higher than usual.

Embed a digital learning material like PDF into a QR code

Teachers can use the QR codes to embed digital activity sheets and learning materials of the topics placed on the bulletin board. They can use a PDF QR code to store their digital learning materials into a QR code.

Through this, they will only need to tell the students to go to the bulletin board and let them scan the QR code to get the materials needed for them to learn the topics.

Add a video tutorial QR code

If you want your learners to watch a video about the concept you want them to learn, then the use of QR codes is the right tool for you to use. By just simply converting the video or the link of it into a QR code, you will only just let the learners scan the code of the lesson you want them to watch and learn on their bulletin board.


As society is now more exposed to the world of technological advancements, today’s learners’ motivation towards learning heightens.

With the traditional means of instilling knowledge and skills becomes no longer effective for the current and future learners, teachers are now advancing their teaching means to get their learners’ attention towards learning.

And for them to do that,  they will first revamp their learning corners by changing static learning facilities into an interactive one with the use of a QR code generator with logo online to house different dynamic learning materials into different customized QR codes and pin them into their bulletin boards.