7 Ways You Can Find New Homes for Sale in Sharpsburg

While older properties may be relatively cheaper, they do not offer the feeling of novelty that comes with new homes. Also, as they command higher prices, new homes attract serious interest from real estate agents.

With lots of people now preferring new homes rather than older ones, there has been an increase in demand for new homes. In addition to an increasing population, the dwindling economy also contributes to the growing scarcity of new homes. 

While these factors have significantly increased the difficulty of finding new homes for sale in Sharpsburg, GA, there are several ways you could go about it.

Whether you are looking to own a new home or make a quick kill, these methods will ensure that you find new homes as soon as they are on the market. They will also improve your chances of securing better deals on new homes in Newnan, Georgia.

These are seven ways to find new homes for sale in Sharpsburg.

  • Word of Mouth

As one of the earliest methods of conducting business transactions, word of mouth remains an efficient means of finding new homes for sale. This method involves informing friends and acquaintances of your interest in new homes for sale. Besides making them keep an eye out, it also makes you the first person they think of whenever they find any new homes for sale.

Also, in addition to creating a solid reputation among your acquaintances as a real estate investor, you can employ more feet and eyes in your search using word-of-mouth. You could also offer your friends a little commission for every successful transaction you complete. This way, you improve your chances of getting firsthand information about any new homes up for sale.

Although physical interaction remains the most effective means of putting the word out there, you should also take advantage of social media. Encourage your acquaintances on available channels to get back to you with relevant information about available listings around them.

  • Direct Inquiry

See a home you wish to buy? You could approach the owners to inquire about its availability. However, this method would require you to scour neighborhoods of your choice for extended periods.

Although the possibility of finding new homes for sale using the method of direct inquiry is slim, it allows you to negotiate directly with the buyer. It also eliminates the need for any agent fees. Therefore, you stand a higher chance of securing better deals.

The direct method of inquiry also gives you ample opportunity to assess the new home and the neighborhood. This way, you can be sure that you are getting good value for your money.

  • Realtors

Real estate agents know more about available homes on the market. As professionals in the industry, they save you lots of time and stress. What’s more? You only pay them when you close the deal.

With their extensive network, realtors find the most suitable home for your need. They also help you speed up the entire transaction.

Also, real estate agents are in a better position to assess any property you wish to purchase. This way, you can ensure that you get good value for your money. Real estate agents also help you secure better deals by dealing directly with the seller’s agents on your behalf.

  • Builders and Contractors

While builders and contractors are not conventional real estate agents, it is impossible to dismiss the amount of leverage they wield. You could contact them to find new homes for sale in Sharpsburg.

As professionals in the construction industry, contractors know about ongoing home constructions and recently finished homes. Hence, they are in an excellent position to give you a head-start over other potential buyers.

Besides new homes up for sale, contractors also have firsthand information about projects abandoned midway due to financial constraints. Such projects provide an excellent opportunity for striking greater profits.

  • Public Records

Local listings are also a good place to look when searching for new homes for sale. You can find these listings in newspapers or local government websites.

Besides containing every new property on the market, you can also find valuable information about homes yet to be listed, such as pre-foreclosures. 

  • Online Search

You shouldn’t limit your search for new homes to public records alone. Take advantage of the power of the internet. You can find lots of new homes for sale online.

Besides searching for new homes for sale on real estate websites, you can also look up other online property listings. While these sites are a great place to find lots of new homes for sale, it is also crucial that you verify listings offline before closing any deals.

Also, it would be best if you remembered that lots of people also search for new homes on these websites. The chances are so many people are making offers for the same house you wish to purchase. Hence, you might end up spending more.

It is also vital that you subscribe to these websites. This way, you receive prompt updates whenever new homes are added to the site.

  • Real Estate Auctions

Although many dismiss real estate auctions while searching for new homes for sale in Sharpsburg, you could be missing out on juicy offerings.

While many new homers rarely put up their properties for auction, you can find lots of new homes at auction sales. Besides real estate-owned properties, foreclosures are also auctioned to recover bad loans and mortgages. Purchasing foreclosures is a sure way of securing new homes for lower than their original market value.

You could search for upcoming auctions online or, better still, keep a tab on local court proceedings. This way, you can stay informed of possible foreclosure sales.


Over the years, the conventional means of listing and selling homes have evolved to provide greater ease and faster transactions. It is now possible to complete real estate transactions from the comfort of your home or office. 

However, it would be best to conduct a thorough assessment of any Sharpsburg house for sale before concluding the purchase.

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