Steeltown Welsh Vodka Filtered Through Anthracite for a Crisp, Clean Flavour from the Spirit of Wales Distillery in Newport, South Wales

Brighten the palette with a contemporary style blended Steeltown Welsh Vodka. The Spirit of Wales Distillery has a unique process when producing their Steeltown Welsh Vodka. Made with Welsh water and filtered once through Anthracite or Welsh coal from Ammanford in Carmarthenshire, Wales.

Newport, South Wales, United Kingdom, 8 July 2021 – Introducing the Spirit of Wales Distilleries’ newest premium Welsh spirit brand Steeltown. Steeltown is the first signature brand from the distillery based in Newport, featuring Steeltown Welsh Dry Gin and Steeltown Welsh Vodka. The range includes two practical everyday spirits that focus on the taste inspired by the industry of Wales and the fruity florals of the region. Steeltown Welsh Vodka is a contemporary and complex mix of delicate citrus and pepper tones that are bright and full of character. Steeltown Welsh Dry Gin with sweet floral characteristics accompanied by flavour bursts of juniper and citrus.

The Spirit of Wales Distillery has a passion for all things Welsh, but specifically, the people of Wales, who inspired the spirits created in Newport. Each bottle of Spirit of Wales spirits captures the essence of the Welsh and pays tribute to the hard workers who built this country through fishing, farming, coal mining and steel production. Steeltown Welsh Vodka is a contemporary blended grain vodka with complex earthy cereal and zesty pepper notes. Enhanced by delicate citrus, with expressive hints of soft vanilla and crushed black peppercorn. This premium Welsh Vodka is an exciting spirit with the clean character provided by the Anthracite filtering process.

James Gibbons, Head Distiller who filters the Vodka through Anthracite at the Spirit of Wales Distillery, commented. “I am pleased with the results from using Anthracite to filter our Steeltown Welsh Vodka. This rewarding experience has allowed us to bring out the best of all flavours found in our blend of grain-based alcohol.”

Daniel Dyer, Founder and CEO of the Spirit of Wales Distillery, added. “After releasing our Steeltown Dry Welsh Gin and having such great feedback, I’m excited we can follow up with our Steeltown Welsh Vodka which is great on its own or as part of one of our great cocktail suggestions.”

In recent years, with the decline in sales in the category, Vodka faces a slow recovery in the United Kingdom which is affected by the pandemic. This has created some rejuvenation in the sector, with some new opportunities presented to craft distilleries. The versatility of vodka as a base ingredient for cocktails means it will always have a place in the spirits category. With the rise of premiumisation in the category, combined with the importance of provenance storytelling. According to The Spirits Business, consumers want to know about the quality of the vodka they drink, placing importance on the distillation process, flavour notes and purity of the spirit.

Steeltown Welsh Vodka is made with wheat, barley and rye-based alcohols blended to specification on-site at the Spirit of Wales Distillery. They combine the blend of alcohols with the Welsh Anthracite Coal filtering process they packed the Welsh Vodka with complexity. The wheat provides a clean vanilla sweetness; the barley brings about toasted grain notes adding body to Steeltown Vodka. While the rye adds a peppery spice to the finish. The team at the Spirit of Wales Distillery experimented many times with the Anthracite filtration process, resulting in a subtly refined premium Welsh Vodka with 40% ABV and the pleasant congeners intact.

Filtered through Welsh Anthracite coal in contrast to the commonly used activated carbon. Wanting to partner with other Welsh businesses, the Spirit of Wales distillery sought premium quality Anthracite Filter Media from EGL Puracite. Formerly owned by Betws Anthracite Ltd who used Anthracite as a filter media to improve filtration rates and the quality of drinking water. Adopted by countries around the globe, including Welsh Water, at the previous treatment site in Ammanford in Carmethshire. Here the DGL group currently produces up to 6000 tonnes of Anthracite Filter Media annually. The activated carbon within the anthracite filtration process provides the complex mix of bright and crisp flavours found within Steeltown Welsh Vodka. Available from the Spirit of Wales online store, Crafty Connoisseur, and Master of Malt. 

Steeltown Welsh Vodka is available in a 5cl and 50cl bottle, directly from the Spirit of Wales Distillery in Newport, South Wales, or the online store. The perfect Welsh spirit pairing, Steeltown Welsh Vodka, and the Spirit of Wales Salted Caramel chocolate. The perfect pairing and a tantalising feast for the senses: smooth, creamy milk chocolate infused with Cornish Sea Salt™ and natural caramel flavour combined with Steeltown Welsh Vodka’s crisp, earthy flavours. Discover the taste of the Welsh at the Spirit of Wales Distillery visitors’ centre, where visitors can take a guided tour of the distillery, taste the premium Welsh spirits including Steeltown Welsh Vodka or a delicious Welsh Cocktail, and chat.

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About the Spirit of Wales Distillery

Formed in October 2020, the Spirit of Wales Distillery is a no-nonsense Welsh spirit producers in Newport, South Wales. Proud of its origins and cultural background, inspired by the passionate people of Wales. The Spirit of Wales range consists of limited release distillation Welsh spirits, Steeltown contemporary styled spirits including Steeltown Welsh Dry Gin with citrus sweetness and juniper notes. Steeltown Welsh Vodka filtered through Anthracite from Ammanford and Dragon’s Breath Spiced Welsh Rum. Visit the distillery for a guided tour and tasting experience. Find the perfect pairing with Fever-Tree Mixers and Tonics or delight in the Spirit of Wales chocolate pairings to match each of the premium Welsh Spirits. Celebrate all things Welsh with the Spirit of Wales Distillery in Newport.

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