Types of Materials You Can Find in Buddha Statues Online

Lord Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, is a religious leader known to enlighten the world with his self-realization and knowledge. He taught the value of peace and existence to humans and had created compassion in their hearts through teachings. Buddha had also committed the 4 noble truths (The Truth of Suffering, Causes of Suffering, End of Suffering, and Path Leading to the End of Suffering in the World).

Buddha statues reflect his life and religion. You can buy these statues online from a reputed online store in various postures, shapes, sizes, and materials.

People of all ages love such statues to decorate their homes and backyards. Some buy them to create a quiet meditation spot or to improve the Feng Shui of their living space.

The statues show various physical Buddhas and the Buddhist teachings of – meditation, protection, and inner peace. You can find serious Buddhas, laughing Buddhas, and even only the Buddha head in different types of materials.

Here, you will learn about these varieties of materials to make the right purchase. But before that, let’s discuss placing Buddha in your home and different types of statues.

Why Should You Place Buddha in Your Home?

The traditional Buddha statues are unique and expensive. But you can find some great copies looking like statues, jewelry, and incense containers. When you place such statues in your home, it exudes prosperity, positivity, health, and peace in the space.

The Laughing Buddha is also one of the most popular statues as they bring luck and prosperity. You can buy Buddha statues sometimes in pairs and even in threes.

Types of Buddha Statues

Here is a list of types and meanings of various Buddhas:

Laughing Buddha

He sits and smiles with a bald head and rounded belly. To get good luck, many people rub their bellies.

Protection Buddha

He either stands or sits with his right hand raised.

Earth Touching Buddha

He sits with his right hand directing towards the ground and his left hand on his lap.

Reclining (Nirvana) Buddha

The dying Buddha lies on his right side and waits for Nirvana.

Meditation Buddha

He sits in the Lotus position with eyes closed, faces up, and hands-on a lap.

Now, take a look at the types of materials you can find in Buddha statues online. Consider their specific properties to choose the best one.

Here they are:


Patan and Kathmandu, places in Nepal, are known for making gold-plated Buddha statues as a part of their tradition. They sculpt Buddha with love.

You can see gold-plated statues in Swayambhu and Buddha’s birthplace.


Potters who make different types of clay items also sculpt Buddha statues that feature him sitting and meditating with folded legs. His curled hair wears a flowing red robe with a beautiful golden border.

Though the potters put a lot of effort into making these statues, they cost much less than statues made of other materials.


Copper adds an antique touch to a Buddha statue. The metal has a dark brown color which makes the statue look stunning yet traditional.

The Buddhist monk’s home has mostly copper-made statues. This metal is generally used to make small-sized statues. Golden statues are available in both mini and big sizes.


Wooden Buddha statues have never been out of fashion. The beautifully crafted wooden statues reflect the love, passion, and dedication of the craftsmen.

For instance, if you look at a wooden Buddha statue in his meditative lotus pose on a platform with his radiance, you can feel holy enlightenment, calmness, and serenity on his face and aura. Every moment the crafter sounds while sculpting a statue enlivens his soul in the statue.

Mixtures of Five Types of Metals

Have you heard before about “Panch Dhatu Buddha”? Dhatu refers to metal. This statue is made of a combination of five types of metals and is famous for its unique appearance. When you look at this statue, you get to see the shine of silver, the shadowy appearance of copper and bronze, and the spark of gold metal.

The mixture of various colors and metals makes a statue look delightful. There is a belief in some cultures and traditions that when you use various types of metal, it decreases the effect of the planet on the life of human beings.

Bottom Line

Are you planning to buy Buddha statues online? Then you can easily find them suited to your budget. As they are available in different materials (as discussed above), you should decide beforehand what you want to browse the collection suited to your preferences and then make a purchase.

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