Escape Rooms: The future of Competitive Socializing in Columbus

Columbus city in Ohio boasts of its scenic neighborhood, beer culture, museums, and network of parks and trails. Columbus is also home to one of the largest university campuses in the United States.

The largest campus in the city attracts young adults from all over the country. This makes the city’s culture more youthful and vibrant to indulge young people. Gone are the days when a night-out used to be a movie and dinner.

Today’s socialites are more likely to go for an adventurous night than the plain old bowling or movie night. Axe-throwing, laser-tag, paintball, and escape rooms are some of the fun activities that the youth of today prefer.

Among such activities, escape rooms are the most popular ones. Many bars and places have opened up in the city to ride the wave of competitive socializing, as you can even find escape room Columbus at bars and in arcades. Moreover, many arcade owners and designers have called escape rooms the future of competitive socializing. But why are escape rooms so popular?

Here is a list of reasons why escape rooms are popular.

  1. Offers a challenge

It might get monotonous to go for a bike ride at Scioto Mile every weekend. Thus, an escape room is an opportunity to break that monotony. It creates a challenging environment, unlike most activities like watching a movie or eating at a restaurant.

Escape rooms push you to solve the puzzles and force you to think outside the box. Your brain gets a rush of dopamine when you complete a challenge. This is why challenging and competitive activities are so much fun.

1 Bonding Experience

Most escape rooms are meant to be a group activity. So, if you are feeling bored on the weekend,  get your friends together and visit an escape room. It is a great team-building and bonding experience as the group works collectively to solve the mysteries and get out of the room quickly.

When you discuss, share opinions and collaborate within a group, it brings you all together and enhances the group’s bonding. Owing to this reason, many companies plan their retreats to escape rooms as it is a great team-building exercise.

2 Good for Mental Development

Solving puzzles and complex problems is a great exercise to enhance your cognitive skills, and escape rooms are full of mysteries. Studies show that solving puzzles expands your mind and gives you a new perspective to tackle everyday problems.

So, escape rooms are a great way to stimulate and tickle your brain with much-needed puzzles and mysteries to crack.

3 Boosts Adrenaline

Unlike a walk in the park, escape rooms boost your adrenaline when you collectively brainstorm with your teammates to win. Winning is a great way to boost adrenaline and dopamine, making you feel the joy of accomplishment.

4 Break from Gadgets

The first rule of escape rooms is to surrender your gadgets outside, making those 60 minutes precious and free from distractions. As a result, you have to solve the escape room puzzles using just your brain and gut feelings.

This makes it an ideal experience to interact with friends and solve problems without having to google them.

5 Develops attention to detail

The trick to escaping the room is in the fine details, and nothing in the room is there by chance. You must pay attention to every minute detail as every object and item in the room is there for a purpose. Some might be a clue, while others must be there just to distract you.

Missing even a minute detail can cost you the win. Escape rooms are a great way to prove the importance of paying attention to detail.

6 Improves Time Management

Most escape rooms give you a limited time to escape. The limit could range from half an hour to even two hours. However, in most cases, the time limit is sixty minutes.

So, you have to solve puzzles during the specified time limit, find clues, and complete tasks to escape the room. On average, to crack an escape room, you need to solve at least ten puzzles.

Moreover, some escape rooms have multiple rooms that you need to solve to escape. So, this adventure teaches you to manage time properly because if you spend too much time on one puzzle, you might not have enough time to complete the others.

Not only are escape rooms fun, but they also improve interpersonal and problem-solving skills. Escape rooms are a safe activity where thrill-seekers and problem solvers can enjoy. Moreover, many escape rooms in Columbus follow a theme; some may have a historical theme while others may be zombie-themed.

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