Why are Widowers Afraid to Start New Relationships?

Humans are always looking for happiness and fulfillment. What is happiness? We interpret this state of our soul differently. One thinks to have someone by your side who loves you sincerely, and you love them is already happiness for them. Another seeks happiness in satisfying their emotional and physical needs, like extreme hook-ups or a passionate night with spicy partners. Others spend much time in search of their best half to share their lives forever. Thus, due to the purposes, one keeps to reach, the outcomes will drive to complete fulfillment of a person.

As many people live on earth as many love stories, we can hear and admire. Your love story is unique as well because it is your life and the experience you are going through right now. And nobody has the right to judge or blame you. People who are left alone because of their spouse’s death are pretty vulnerable to start new relationships. But we believe no matter what has happened to you, you deserve to be happy, even if you are in the status of a widower.

Every important thing we come across in life requires a specific time to analyze, decide and implement. It also concerns starting a new relationship for a widower. It is often scary or awkward to make the first step towards looking for a new person: go out and get acquainted with somebody on the street. It’s not easy, and not every widower will be ready to do it. However, thanks to modern advanced technologies, they can easily search a dating site and get into https://meetville.com/catalog/us/page/667-widowed with the hope of meeting someone to love again.

Reasons Widowers Feel Awkward to Start New Relationships

Widowers are men with some baggage of relationship experience with late spouses. So, they are aware of family life and appropriate relationship in it. But the period from becoming a widower to starting a new page in life can be different: months, years. So, they do have fears when meeting new women and getting closer to them. And there is a range of reasons for their worries to start new relationships.

Reason #1: I’m cheating on my late wife

Such a feeling can overwhelm the widowers when they are on a date with other women. If you are ready to date, then you should try. You will rarely get immediately what you want from the first event. Moreover, being on a date with another woman, some memories can come to your mind about your late wife, and you can feel awkward and upset. You can think, “Omg, I’m cheating on my late wife right now. What am I doing?”. Just stop blaming yourself. You have lived a difficult period and should leave the past to be in the past. You’ve got a precious experience you can use in your new relationship. And be sure, your late wife on heaven wants you to be happy the rest of your life on earth. So, don’t let your mind judge yourself by the thought you’re cheating your late spouse every time you go on a date. Try as many dates as you can, and this feeling will fade away.

Reason #2: People talk I’m doing wrong by dating

Depending on the relationship you had with your late spouse and the occasion that happened to you after her death, a particular time can last before you start dating. It might take weeks, months, years. As soon as you feel like meeting a woman and try to open your heart again and find a loving partner to spend the rest of your life with, you should try your luck even though few months passed after your spouse’s death. People can gossip due to their opinion on your occasion. But don’t care about that. You should listen to your heart that matters most. If you have children from your previous marriage and don’t want you to start new relationships, just give time to get used to a new reality and let them see you are happy with a new partner.

Reason #3: Dates recall my memories about my previous relationship

New relationships always reveal new emotions and feelings you could experience before. Don’t be afraid of it. Let them flow through and enjoy the opportunity to love and be loved again. When going on a date, your partner knows that you are a widower. So, be ready to share some points from your previous relationship. But you should be very careful with it: don’t be so passionate about your love story with your late wife. It will be seen as you are having a therapy session with a woman talking about your past. The date is to build a new page in your life and let a new person win your heart. So, be quite discreet when talking about your past relationship and learn more about your current partner to build a strong bond in your relationship.

You are the lord of your life. Passing alone through everything is challenging. That’s why a woman was created for a man to accompany him and be a motivator and encouragement. Even if you had a rough period in life, you deserve to start a new love story and try dating till you find the partner you want to spend the rest of your life with.

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