How Instagram Can Boost Your Business Development

Instagram has a huge number of users that can become your customers.

Today, Instagram is not only a social media page for fun, but also it has a lot of opportunities for business development. Everything from fashion to food and more is sold on this very simple platform.

The popularity of this social page is growing every day, which makes it more and more attractive for promoting a business.

An Instagram account can become an independent store. There you can advertise your product, publish engaging content, and communicate with customers.

The audience on Instagram:

Instagram is a social network for visuals. Aesthetics, product attractiveness and emotional components are important here. Therefore, creating content for instagram is worth it. But any product can be presented in an aesthetic way, if you use design tools. Some companies have a designer who makes all the visuals but if you are running a small business you can use a random shape generator

Have you decided to create an account for your business? If so, first of all, analyze if your niche audience is an Instagram user. or maybe they are not, but they affect your target?

Brands that run a page on aesthetics and beauty have a clear advantage: fashion, beauty industry, cosmetics, clothing, decor items, handmade goods, cafes and restaurants, etc. If your business is one of them, then you can confidently start maintaining a business account on Instagram.

Well, if you work in another area – do not rush to discount Instagram but with the right approach, you can adapt Instagram to your business.

Why you need an Instagram business account:

Here are some statistics about instagram

-The engagement rate for a business account is 4%. 

-62% of users subscribe to brand accounts on Instagram;

-70% of users share information about brands found on Instagram in their accounts;

-So far, only 36% of marketers use Instagram to promote a product or service. 

What goals you can achieve with Instagram:

Stay in trend

Instagram allows you to quickly share information. Use a news feed, react to what is happening in your industry and in society. Publish content that affects your audience. Use trends for promotions, contests, sales. If you follow trends, you can attract new customers, if your audience is interested in the crypto world, then tell them about litecoin.

Attract new users

Create all conditions for instagram users to find your account easily: hashtags, geolocations, keywords etc.

Increase brand awareness

Instagram helps to raise your brand awareness. And as many followers your business has, that much your page will appear in first places and seems trustable.

Bring traffic and leads

You can collect an audience in your account and use external links to direct traffic to your website, blog and accounts in other social networks.

Instagram Stories:

Their advantage is display priority. When users are opening the account, first of all they notice the pinned stories and only then proceed to the posts. Many users only view Stories. This is why you should definitely use this content format and get some instagram story ideas.


Business promotion on Instagram will not completely replace promotion through other channels, but it will be an effective addition to it. Instagram can become a launching pad for a business, a tool for promoting an online store and increasing traffic, a platform for communicating with customers, as well as a way to increase loyalty and brand awareness.

There is no one-size-fits-all formula – every business requires an individual approach, even when it comes to maintaining social networks. So don’t be afraid to try and experiment.