Spotlight Peru: Why you Should Visit Lima

Have you thought about visiting Lima? Nestled on Peru’s Pacific Coast, Lima is one of the oldest and largest cities in the world, having been created in the mid-16th century, and it’s got plenty to show for it! Lima has a lot to offer any traveler, and it’ll be hard to find a similar travel experience anywhere else in the world.

Most people like to visit Lima to take in the nightlife and the beautiful surroundings, but they’re not the only reasons you should think about taking a trip to the Peruvian Capital. You should think about taking a trip there for all of the reasons below as well.

The History is Rich

As noted above, Lima has a long history, and you’ll be able to witness it all when you visit. You can start by checking out the Huaca Pucllana, which is about 1500 years old, and then you can move on to see the Basilica y Monasterio de Santo Domingo, which was built in 1549. There are so many more sites to visit in between, and the history of each is so deep and rich you’ll lose yourself to discovering it all!

The Food is Amazing

Lima has plenty of street food stalls and famous restaurants to go round, and you simply must try to visit as many of them as possible when you go. After all, there are many amazing traditional dishes you’ll want to try, to get a true taste of Lima’s culture. Such dishes include Ceviche, which was first created and perfected in Lima, as well as Pollo a la brasa, which is such a favorite dish that lines can go right down the street!

Incredible Hospitality

Lima is an incredibly hospitable city, and that means any and all Lima hotels deserve your custom, even just for a night or two. From grand luxury hotels, boutique city resorts or affordable hostels – here’s a hotel style for everyone. The best luxury hotels can be found in Lima, and all over Peru you’ll find that their reputations deservedly precede them! Apart from the accommodation options, the city’s inhabitants are very hospitable and will make your visit memorable.

The Landscape is One of a Kind

It’s true that Lima is an incredibly beautiful city, but its landscape is truly one of a kind. With plenty of natural reserves to explore and take snaps of, such as the Nor Yauyos-Cochas, the landscape of Lima is both rocky and green, dense and sparse, as well as urban and natural. You’ll love taking your time through each and every one of these parks, and you’ll be desperate to come back for more when your trip is over and there’s still half a city to see!

If you’ve saved up for a trip in the near future, why not consider Lima as your next destination? There’s so much to see and do, it’s simply impossible to get tired or bored during your week in Peru.