The Monkey That Guides Children in India To Learn English Digital Initiative & Collaboration of NGO Go Dharmic & Klik2learn -A Literacy Learning Program To Bridge Learning Loss/Gap

Children at Ratanpur Middle School, Gandhinagar, India are following a (digital) monkey’s lead, guided by him to access a course on their smartphones and learn the basics of English language, literacy and numeracy. This education pilot is a collaboration between NGO, Go Dharmic, & English language tech specialist, Klik2learn. 


Providing school teachers and 50 children with licenses for the Digital Learning Hub, the full English language course, Journey 2 Basic Skills, develops basic English language and numeracy skills. Acting as a friendly guide for the children, the monkey shows them how to access and login to the program, and over come the barriers of the digital divide-making it fun and simple for the children to learn on their mobile phone or tablets.


The program bridges the learning loss and gap the Covid pandemic has brought to these children- as lockdowns have prevented children from attending school in India for over one year.  Go Dharmic’s project lead, Deependra Bhadourja, and his team will visit the school in coming weeks for proper orientation and updates of the program with teachers and students.     


Bringing and creating positive change in lives and communities, Go Dharmic found Klik2learn, as their digital education partner: both organisations sharing compassion and a vision to change lives. Klik2learn’s award -winning course puts teachers at the heart of the solution and uses graphics, animation and games to engage learners. 


“Before Journey 2 English, no-one had attempted to teach complete beginners to read, write and understand English via a mobile phone. We wanted to reach the widest global audience possible so our approach had to be creative – translation was out of the question. Go Dharmic are our ideal partner- supplying that crucial local knowledge, relationships and sharing our vision to improve lives through education.”

Ann Attridge CEO Klik2learn


The schools have been closed for over a year, and young children have been impacted greatly. This online intervention & partnership with Kilk2learn will enable access to online learning and teach children valuable skills that they would not otherwise access. Therefore, we look forward to reaching as many children as possible and ensure learning never stops”. –  Hanuman Dass, Founder & 
Chariman of Go Dharmic


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Editor’s Notes:


About Go Dharmic: 


Go Dharmic is an international charity organisation bringing people together to spread love and compassion through social action campaigns.  Inspired by ‘Dharma’, volunteers from all backgrounds come together to work on projects for the Environment, Food Poverty, Education, Disaster Relief and much more. Its aim is to bring people together to have ‘compassion in action’, and is set on the three pillars: compassion, volunteers and collaborative partners as a driving force to dharma-to ‘love all’, ‘feed all’ and ‘serve all’.

Throughout the pandemic, Go Dharmic volunteers have distributed over 1 million meals to the homeless, struggling international students, vulnerable school families and to isolated elderly people. They have 10 street food distributions across the UK.  Internationally, the charity has served up over 4 million meals worth of food including many disaster relief efforts.




About Klik2learn: 


Klik2learn’s focus is on creating digital English language courses for self-study combined with teacher tools and reports to improve collaboration and learning outcomes for each student. Klik2learn’s mission is to help close the global literacy gap and provide a pathway to vocational study and employment for all learners regardless of their background or resources. 







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