What Is PMI? What Is PMP Certification?

Today, PMI PMP certification is highly valuable. It is a popular certification welcomed by many high-tech industries such as IT, telecommunication, and architecture. A PMP certificate plays a vital role in the process of technological upgrade of project management and the improvement of managers’ abilities. Therefore, many people who want to acquire a PMP certificate ask how to sign up for the exam, when to take it, and what the certification procedure is. We will answer these questions briefly in the following content so that you can have a clear understanding of PMP certification.

The Conditions of Signing up for PMI PMP Exam

Candidates should be equipped with the learning experience of PMBOK or training experience over 35 hours. Candidates are required to give relevant copies of certificates. Besides, if applicants have bachelor’s degree or the same and above level college degree, they are required to have at least 4500-hour project management experience of the five project management processes. Besides, within the six years since the date of application, the months of engaging in project management should reach at least 36 months. Furthermore, the 36 months should not be overlapping. In other words, candidates with bachelor’s degree or the same college degree and above need 4500 hours or 3 years project management experience. Only when candidates satisfy one of the conditions, can they obtain the 35 PDU training certification given by institutions authorized by PMI. Thus, if you want to participate in the exam, you should consult the training expert ahead of time to make sure whether you can register for the exam.

In general, the exam is held four times a year in China, in March, June, September, and December respectively. In normal condition, the exam is set for Saturday morning. To know the detailed time, you should pay attention to the information released on the official website.

The last thing is that to register for the exam, you should first submit English materials and finish the application on the PMI official website. PMI will give you confirmation by sending emails within five workdays. Then, you can sign up for the exam in Chinese by following the guidance released by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affair. After you have received the response, you can log in to the website to sign up in Chinese. The Chinese exam center will arrange the exam for you. By then, the PMP certification department will select some applications to go through an audit in a certain proportion. Candidates should follow the instructions of the audit, which is very important. I hope you can learn more about PMI PMP certification through our introduction.

The Difference Between PMI and PMP

The full name of PMI is Project Management Institute in the US. It is a world-leading non-profit institution professional in project management. PMP certification is one of the certificates issued by the PMI which also launches the exam. To take the PMP exam, candidates are required to have a 35-hour training certificate which can only be acquired by taking part in PMP certification training generally. Thus, it is suggested to choose a sophisticated institution and follow the guidance of teachers so that you are more likely to learn PMP well.

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