Packaging machinery manufacturer helps pet biscuit makers triple in size in two years

Hampshire packaging machinery manufacturers, Intamac Packaging Systems, recently installed a fourth packaging machine in two years for specialist pet treats company, The Big Biscuit Company, resulting in the company tripling in size.
Intamac first worked with The Big Biscuit Company in 2019, supplying an IPS-8BT pouch filling machine with multi-headed weighers and conveyors. Following increased packaging output as a result of introducing new automated processes, the size of the business has now tripled. In order to help the Bordon based company adapt to the increased demand for their products, Intamac have since installed a further three machines, along with auxiliary equipment.
Since the initial machine, a second IPS-8BT pouch filling machine, a flow wrapping machine, and a bulk bag filler have been installed, all of which are fitted with Norwix ink jet printers to allow for easy barcode and date printing. As demand increases, The Big Biscuit Company is now expecting the delivery and installation of a third pouch filling machine to increase their packaging output.
The Big Biscuit Company co-founder, Alex Baker, is excited by how the business has developed since working with Intamac.

“The first Intamac machine was basically a catalyst for our business. Two years ago, we were packing fifty thousand packs a month, now this has reached half a million and we are continually adapting and changing. Our business has tripled since that first machine.”

On working with Intamac, he said “The fast availability of Intamac equipment helped us to react to the growth in the market and demand from customers. We ended up ordering our second 8BT in January, it was installed in February and has been running for 16 hour shifts ever since, and we have another one on the way!”

As The Big Biscuit Company experienced rapid growth, Intamac’s engineers worked closely with them to devise innovative new packaging solutions to offer more options to customers. Whilst larger items such as dog chews were initially packaged using a bag in a box, Intamac suggested their flow wrapping machine as an ideal solution for less bulky packaging, cutting the quantity of packaging materials needed by 50%.
For Alex Baker, this has been a key investment.

“The flow wrapper is another machine that has revolutionised our business. We were looking at ways to pack dog chews and Intamac suggested this option.

“We have found that the machine build quality is high, particularly for what was a relatively inexpensive piece of kit. It has also allowed for further innovation and we have worked closely with Inamac’s engineers to find better ways to pack the dog chews. It’s a great alternative for our customers, who are really pleased with this solution.”

Having worked closely with The Big Biscuit Company team since the first packaging machine was installed, Intamac’s sales manager Tom Poston stressed the importance of the relationship between the two businesses.

“I really enjoy working with the Big Biscuit team. Not only are they expert operators of the machinery, but they are always looking at new ways of using the equipment to make it work even better for them.

“Whenever I visit the site, I am always waiting to see what they are doing next and how they have adapted the machinery to fill different shaped packaging or trialled new materials. It’s a constant learning curve.”

Looking forward to the future, The Big Biscuit Company’s Alex Baker reflects on how working with Intamac Packaging Systems has impacted his business.

“We are driven by delivering quality products for animals, this means we are always improving our ingredients, range and packaging. We have formed a strong partnership with Intamac, which is helping us to achieve our goals.

“They have made a big difference to the business and always offer great support.”

Based in Petersfield, Intamac Packaging Systems is a family-owned business, specialising in the supply, installation and maintenance of a range of automated and semi-automated packaging machines and auxiliary equipment. Working with clients throughout the UK, Intamac helps small businesses to expand and automate their packaging processes, save time and money, and increase their output.

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