Team Animal rides to the rescue in nine-year-old Zac’s latest book about the climate change emergency

It’s the biggest emergency of our generation – but climate change may have met its match in English schoolboy Zac Pepper.
This summer has already had its fair share of dangerous weather events, from the Met Office’s first ever extreme heat warning to the devastating floods that hit Germany and Belgium earlier this month.
Nine-year-old Zac has already demonstrated his determination to do something about it, with his first book Animals Save The World: No More Plastic following Team Animal as it sought to stop plastic production forever by taking on the might of The World Plastics Factory on Christmas Eve.
Now Zac has released a follow-up, again written with his grandfather Michael Ashby, a poet best known for his reflection on death and loss, Funeral Poems.
In Animals Save The World: Rain Forests Emergency, Team Animal returns to save the world from global warming – with a little help from children across the planet.
In a book that is both hopeful and honest about the environmental challenges currently facing the world, Zac this time turns his attention to the loggers in Asia, Africa and the Amazon who continue to destroy rainforests, considered to be the “lungs of the planet”.
In a rip-roaring ride across the Himalayas, Zac’s book imagines a world where lions and kangaroos boo carbon dioxide, where trees are planted across the world, and where China – responsible for more than a quarter of the globe’s carbon emissions – is “greened” over.
The audiobook version of Animals Save The World: Rain Forests Emergency is narrated by Michael Troughton, son of the second actor to play Doctor Who, Patrick Troughton.
Zac Pepper said: “My ambition is to save endangered animals and stop climate change. I’ve learnt a lot about animal conservation and climate change from books, Sir David Attenborough, Coyote Peterson and my trips to Longleat Safari Park and Axe Valley Wildlife Park.
“The aim of my book with my grandpa is to raise awareness of the climate change emergency and threats to animals.
“I hope anyone of any age can enjoy ‘Animals Save The World: Rain Forests Emergency’.”
Animals Save The World: Rain Forests Emergency is available in paperback, Kindle and audiobook, via Amazon UK and Amazon USA.

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