Introducing Steeltown Welsh Dry Gin with 13 delicate botanicals. Inspired by Miner’s Fortnight in South Wales.

Introducing Steeltown Welsh Dry Gin with 13 delicate botanicals. Inspired by Miner’s Fortnight in South Wales.

The Spirit of Wales Distillery, a new spirits producer in Wales, has launched its signature release and contemporary styled Steeltown Welsh Dry Gin. Authentic Welsh Gin filled with the flavour of citrus, herbaceous herbs, and florals bringing gin lovers a refreshing and bright gin that echoes the holidays of the Miners Fortnight in times past. 
Newport, South Wales, United Kingdom, 8 July 2021—Steeltown Gin is a contemporary Styled Dry Welsh Gin with Citrus Sweetness and Spice. A perfectly balanced gin, which is both fresh in citrus notes and attractive juniper flavours. Capturing the essence of the Welsh steel and coal workers, they produced the Steeltown Welsh Gin for the everyday Welsh person and the surrounding community. The hard-working, determined folk who rise above all odds. Inspired by the industrial roots of Wales and the heritage of the area where the distillery is located, amidst the coal, steel and iron production that built the city of Newport and industries of Wales.    
The Spirit of Wales Distilleries Steeltown range offers authentic flavour filled spirits that capture the essence of the Welsh. Inspired by the seaside resorts of South Wales; Steeltown contemporary styled dry Welsh gin where workers from the coal and steel industry that the Spirit of Wales Distillery commemorate would have visited during Miners Fortnight. Capturing the flavours of lemonade, sorbet, or a stick of rock from a traditional seaside holiday, with a fresh Pembrokeshire Sea breeze and ornamental floral gardens. It is with this Welsh passion, reimagined with delight and inspired by the men and women who delighted in their Miners Fortnight holiday, a break from their hard work and industrial feats that still exist today in Wales. Iechyd da.    
To capture the memories of Miners Fortnight, they envisaged Steeltown Dry Gin from an everyday Welsh perspective. To achieve the seaside taste experience, the team at the Spirit of Wales use loads of lemon, grapefruit, and orange peel in their Welsh gin. This gives Steeltown Gin a refreshing nose and mouth-watering, yet bittersweet palate. Combined with additional layers of rosemary, heather, and lavender, giving the Welsh gin a floral and herbaceous element that combines well with the citrus and juniper notes. For a final boost added, including, fennel seed, liquorice root and orris root, giving Steeltown Welsh Gin a sweet subtle citrus aftertaste. Combined with tonic, Steeltown Dry Welsh Gin grows with flavour bursts of lemonade, pink grapefruit, and marmalade, with a hint of fresh menthol and cardamom for a lasting finish.    
Gin continues to rise with gin making and gin drinking, a global phenomenon with no signs of it slowing down. The pandemic has given rise to more at-home consumption in the UK, with a shift from on-trade to off-trade, including e-commerce. The Spirit of Wales initially launched their limited release distillation of Welsh gins, vodka, and rums through their e-commerce shop before opening the Newport distillery to visitors at the end of June 2021. According to The Craft Gin Club, a trend for 2021 in the gin category proves true with the Spirit of Wales Distillery who produce Welsh spirits at the hyper-local distillery. By connecting consumers to their products that represent their home homes meaningfully, there is a desire for support for local businesses that integrate plants, herbs, and spices from the surrounding area. The Spirit of Wales produces craft spirits with a local Welsh twist and captures the essence of the hard-working people who built the Welsh nation and everything it stands for.    
Produced in stages over three days before straining and adding it to the still to create the perfectly balanced 43% ABV Welsh Gin. This process allows the Spirit of Wales to extract the best from each of the botanicals found in Steeltown Welsh Dry Gin. The Spirit of Wales then adds the remaining botanicals to a vapour filled basket sat above the still. Giving head distiller James Gibbons the ability to control the flow rate and temperatures of the thirteen delicate botanicals in this citrus filled Dry Welsh Gin. Steeltown Welsh Dry Gin is available in a 5cl and 50cl bottle directly from the Spirit of Wales Distillery in Newport or the online store. Master of Malt and Crafty Connoisseur also stock the range of Steeltown Welsh Gin on their online stores. 

James Gibbons, the head distiller at the Spirit of Wales, commented, “I am excited to share our Steeltown Welsh Gin with the world. The first Gin in our core range, created with a versatile flavour profile making it a great option for a Welsh Gin & Tonic, whilst also shining through in complex cocktails.” 

Daniel Dyer, CEO and founder of the Spirit of Wales who envisaged Steeltown Welsh Dry Gin, said, “I am excited our Steeltown Welsh Gin is now available. We have put in several years of research and tasting sessions to come up with original, yet mature distillery release products for everyone to enjoy.”

The perfect destination to celebrate the Welsh and explore the Speakeasy inspired visitor’s area where the Spirit of Wales host genuine Welsh experiences. From guided distillery tours to virtual and physical tasting experiences. The team at the distillery offer tastings of their Steeltown Welsh Gin, Steeltown Welsh Vodka, and Dragon’s Breath Spiced Rum tastings virtually or from the distillery, in South Wales. The Spirit of Wales Distillery is the place to sit back, relax and enjoy a Welsh spirit tasting. Celebrate a birthday or anniversary with the make your own spirits experience available soon.  

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To learn more about the Spirit of Wales Distillery limited releases spirits or signature release brands or experiences. Please visit or find us on social media. Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | LinkedIn. 

About the Spirit of Wales Distillery 

Formed in October 2020, the Spirit of Wales Distillery is a no-nonsense Welsh spirits producer in Newport, South Wales. Proud of its origins and cultural background, inspired by the passionate people of Wales. The Spirit of Wales range consists of limited release distillation Welsh spirits, Steeltown contemporary styled spirits including, Steeltown Welsh Dry Gin with citrus sweetness and juniper notes. Steeltown Welsh Vodka filtered through Anthracite from Ammanford and Dragon’s Breath Spiced Welsh Rum. Or visit the Newport distillery for a guided tour and tasting experience. Find the perfect pairing with Fever-Tree Mixers and Tonics or delight in the Spirit of Wales chocolate pairings to match each of their premium Welsh Spirits. Celebrate all things Welsh with the Spirit of Wales Distillery in Newport. Uncomplicated and unpretentious for all to enjoy.  


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