Benefits of Installing Solar Panels to Your Home

With the rising and dropping of temperatures come rising energy bills. With the heating and cooling systems running 24/7 in your homes, you are most likely going to be paying a huge sum every month to your utility provider. And who wants to pay for energy?

None of us. Don’t you wish for bill-free energy available all throughout the year, or at least for some months so you can save up your utility bills for a vacation or the holidays? We all want that, and the solution to all our problems is solar panels.

In the past, they are only designed for industrial usage. ZW Cables and Wires provides you compact design and higher efficiency; homeowners can also add solar panels to their homes and enjoy cost-free energy which not only helps save your hard-earned money but also helps the environment.

Not sure whether you should invest in one or not? Well, to help you make up your mind, here is the list of the top benefits that installing solar panels to home has to provide. So, let us go ahead and get into their details so you can start saving to install one at your place as well.

1-     Reduce or Eliminate Energy Bills

The cost of energy per person annually mounts up to around $3,000 which is a lot of money that you can save every year especially if you have a large family. The thing about solar panels is that they work great on both warmer days and cloudy days. On average, during summertime, there are 6 to 7 hours of sunlight per day whereas, on rainy and cloudy days, there are around 2 hours of sunlight.

So, there is still sunlight. During the summer days, your solar panel will generate more energy and you can use it to power your air conditioners. During the winters, if you live in a moderate climate, the indirect sunlight that hits the panel is enough to produce 10 to 20% of the energy generated on a sunny day – which should be enough for winters, if you don’t wish to turn on the heater.

So, in short, solar panels can help you eliminate energy bills during the summer and spring seasons. Whereas, in the case of winter and autumn season, your bills might be reduced which is still a benefit. So why not invest in it and stop worrying about your energy bills in the future.

2-     Get Tax Credits and Rebates

What most buyers don’t know is that the federal government offers you a rebate worth 30% of the total cost of your solar panel. Yes, this means when you file for taxes, you get 30% of the amount back for you to enjoy. For instance, if you purchase a solar panel worth $25,000 then you would save $7,500.

Furthermore, one can also be eligible for other local and state rebates along with the solar renewable energy credits. Together all of these reduce your investment cost to half of what you paid. In short, your solar panel is paying you back. Isn’t it cool?

3-     Eco-Friendly

Production of energy is a huge burden on the environment. Power plants use non-renewable energy such as fuel to generate electricity. Also, the production process leads to the emission of greenhouse gases which lead to a number of health conditions as well. On the other hand, solar panels are completely safe and healthy both for the environment and the living organisms.


Buying a solar panel is a huge commitment and investment. One needs to keep all his options open before investing in one. Apart from all the benefits, there are some locational drawbacks as well that you need to consider. For instance, what if there is no sun in your area, would solar panel be a great option then? No of course! But if you believe that it is the best option for you then go ahead and invest in Heavy Duty Trailer Wiring to get it up and running.v

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