Is OWC an Authorised Apple Reseller?

OWC (Other World Computing) is a computer hardware company based in America. It provides customers with accessories and upgrades of Mac Operating Systems. It has an online store as well as offline stores in many places. It was founded in 1988 by Larry O’Connor. Today, OWC has gained great importance in the technological field with its wide range of products. It provides external hard drives, expansions products, storage devices, production-grade SSDs, etc.

OWC Most Popular Products

Some of the famous products that it sells are mentioned below-

  • Thunderbolt 3 Dock
  • Softraid XT and Softraid Pro
  • Thunderbay 8
  • OWC Mini stack
  • Mercury Pro Optical Drive
  • Neptune 6G SSD drives
  • Jupiter Kore Enterprise Storage
  • Mercury Elite Pro Qx2

About OWC

OWC is also known to sell and resell apple products. It has a wide variety of products compatible with the Mac Operating system. It sells mac products after refurbishing them and these products have their own warranty. Not all products have a money-back guarantee, it depends upon their quality, price, and other aspects.

Is OWC is Authorised Reseller or Not?

But the question is, Is OWC is an authorized Apple Reseller? The answer to this question is no, Other World Computing is not an authorized Apple Reseller. This means, that it sells Apple products, yet they are not authorized by Apple for reselling. The authorized seller and reseller of Apple is iConcept, which was earlier called “imagine”. Despite this fact, OWC is a very legit company and is used by many people to buy products for their devices. In fact, it guarantees to provide products better than mac, at much lesser costs. It has also obtained more than 40 Mac models that are certified by MaxRAM, and they are used in order to double the memory that Apple provides to its users.

Although it is not an authorized Apple reseller, it has still gained the trust of its customers by providing them with amazing products at good prices. Even you can also use the OWC Coupon Code to purchase any item from an online store at a discounted price.

We can see that any accessory or equipment, whether internal or external, that apple provides its customers, is very costly. In fact, it is a part of their strategy to make people pay more for the basic benefits. For e.g., Apple does not include in its iPhone box, a set of headphones or a wireless charger. In order to buy that, you have to pay extra, and the cost of this equipment is not less. Moreover, if you want to buy additional storage for your device, you have to pay monthly charges for using up your iCloud additional storage. In this regard, OWC comes forward as a better and more helpful option.

OWC provides users with new as well as refurbished apple products. You can also know what are the pros and cons of buying a refurbished laptop. The quality of the product and its warranty are assured by the OWC guidelines, and they have not sold any defective products over the years, according to the reviews of happy customers. The focus and goal of OWC is to provide its customers with the ability to upgrade their technology on their own, which in return helps their machines to run for a long time.

This saves their money and reduces the need for buying new electronics as well. It also provides SD cards and additional storage for mac products so that customers do not have to buy extra storage from iCloud at monthly prices. If you want to change the processor or capabilities of your computer, OWC helps you with this as well. For e.g., if a person wants to add extra drivers to the computer in order to make it compatible for high-level gaming or for music creation or any such purpose, OWC has solutions for that as well.

Benefits of Buying OWC Products

Some of the benefits of buying products from Another computing world may be depicted below-

  1. Saves your pockets– This is the best feature of OWC products- their comparatively less costs. You can buy any mac product, new or second-hand, with costs much lower than Apple-authorized sellers and resellers.
  2. Less cost for additional features– It is said that while buying an Apple product, your expenditure does not limit itself to the purchase of the device. In fact, you have to gear up for other expenses that come along with buying the apple product. For eg, you have to pay additionally for Ear pods, portable chargers, additional memory, and for other purchases as well. OWC helps to provide you with all these items at costs much less than what Apple has offered to you.
  3. Technical support team- The help and support provided by the OWC technical support team are amazing. It makes sure that the customer holds on to the policy of DIY (Do it yourself) with great ease.
  4. Warranty and quality of products- The quality of the products provided by OWC is great. It claims to make better products than Apple itself! Even for the refurbished products, we can say that they work quite well and the customers have always given a positive response. They even provide warranties for the refurbished products according to their various aspects, and most of the time, the refurbished products are as good as new ones!

Therefore, it is evident that OWC is not an authorized reseller of Apple products, although it is more of a rival. With its range of products and low prices, it has been giving tough competition to the apple products since 1988!.

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