Introducing A Healthier Way to Eat Out

Thought healthy foods were boring? Think again. CBD dining is proving it’s easy to get your daily dose with just a few mouthfuls.

CBD broke onto the health and well-being scene back in 2018. Through the dedicated hard work of those who manufacture CBD oils, we have gradually accepted it as part of our everyday lives. However, just because we are now used to seeing CBD everywhere doesn’t mean that scientists and manufacturers have stopped dreaming up new ways to get our fill. After all, it might be good for us, but it doesn’t taste very nice.

Enter the CBD dining experience. Chefs all over the world have discovered the nutritional benefits associated with CBD oil and have started opening eateries they call CBD restaurants. But what are these new restaurants like, and is the food as good as it would be without the added CBD oil?

We went on a mission to find out.

What is a CBD restaurant?

A CBD restaurant is exactly what it sounds like. Almost like a normal restaurant, a CBD restaurant will have a certain style of food. It might be an Italian restaurant; it could be a Greek restaurant or a Chinese restaurant. Whatever type of restaurant it is, the food will be enhanced by the addition of CBD oils.

CBD oil comes in different strengths and flavors. It can be mixed with other intense flavors until you can barely taste its presence. This ability to disguise the flavor of the CBD makes the idea of dedicated restaurant work.

CBD restaurants can be found all over the world, but only in countries where it is a legal substance. Not only are they bringing the CBD benefits to the masses, but they are also investing in a sector that holds enough weight to still be growing three years after the initial boom.

What’s on the Menu at a CBD Restaurant?

If you were to pop into a local CBD restaurant tomorrow, here are some of the things you might expect to see on the menu:

  • CBD infused drinks such as tea and coffee, or flavored waters
  • CBD put into your favorite pasta dish to boost the health benefits of it
  • Desserts, ice creams, and cakes which all feature CBD as an ingredient
  • Starters, main courses, and sweet dishes, all including CBD.

One of our favorite CBD restaurants is James Nomad in New York. His menu features delight such as olive tapenade with 16.6 mg of CBD, butter lettuce salads with 20 mg of CBD, and even tater tots!

Where Can We Get Some?

To find a CBD restaurant near you, all it takes is a quick internet search. There are more of them out there than you think. There are so many, in fact, that you aren’t limited in style of food or type of restaurant. Rather, you decide if you want Spanish, French, or Japanese, and you go from there.


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