Learning Spanish in Barcelona: An enriching experience

If you are looking for a new experience and want to learn a language in an engaging environment, Barcelona is the place to be. There are many different places to study Spanish while abroad, including schools, tutoring, or even just practising with locals.

Although in Barcelona you can find places for French speakers to socialise, such as bars, associations and cultural events, there is no doubt that one of the best ways to become part of a community is through the language. Whether you need to work, make friends or simply organise your daily life, you must speak the language of the country where you live.

That is why, in this article, we give you practical advice on how to choose the best Spanish course in Barcelona; you can see some attractive options at this link.  We invite you to read on if you want to learn this exciting language.

Why learn Spanish?

Barcelona is a bilingual city. Both Catalan and Spanish are spoken. But Spanish also has the advantage of being expressed in the rest of Spain and Latin America. Therefore, it opens up infinite possibilities of communication with the rest of the world. Spanish is the language with the most remarkable geographical expansion on the planet.

It should also be noted that French, Catalan and Spanish are Romance languages; that is to say that, together with Portuguese, Italian, Romanian and Italian, they are descended from Latin. Latin is an ancient parent from which these languages were born. For this reason, as you take your first steps in learning Spanish, you will notice that the grammatical structures and even the spelling of many words are not wholly foreign to you. To be honest, the most significant differences are to be found in the pronunciation of the words. However, even at this point, we still find it easy. Spanish is a language with relatively easy pronunciation rules, and all of them are reflected in writing. You won’t have to learn complicated pronunciation rules. Just remember the sounds of each letter and how they combine.

How to learn Spanish?

The best way to learn something is always to find someone to teach you. The great advantage we have nowadays is the free access to information: you can find books, music, podcasts, dictionaries and many other cultural products in Spanish without spending a lot of money. This way, you can set aside your budget to find the best Spanish course in Barcelona.

Here are some tips on how to choose a Spanish course in Barcelona. If you wish, you can look here for more information. It is well known that perspective plays a fundamental role in determining whether something is good or bad for us in life. Therefore, when reading these tips, keep in mind that you should always consider your tastes, possibilities and previous knowledge. If this way, you will be able to adapt these recommendations to your particular situation and make the best use of them.

Tips for choosing a Spanish course:

If you are going to commit to acquiring new learning, you should be aware that this requires time. We are not just talking about the long term. The most critical time we dedicate to a language is the small moments in our daily lives that we assimilate new knowledge andpractice what we have already learned. The best courses allow you to have a flexible timetable to adapt the classes to your needs and not miss any meetings.

Quality of the centre:

Before embarking on a new training path, it is essential to know what you are embarking on. If you invest money in a Spanish course, make sure that the teacher or institution has good reviews, is committed and responsible.


There is no doubt that when we feel at ease in a place, we are better predisposed to learning. For some, “being comfortable” may mean taking an online course from the comfort of their own home. For others, a “good environment” means the possibility of attending a face-to-face learning space, where they have the opportunity to make new connections.

Content offered by the course:

You must choose a course with a good grounding in grammar. You should learn the types of words that exist in Spanisht, the function of each group, and how they combine to create linguistic structures. In other words, you must learn Spanish from the most basic principles of its design. Once you have mastered these elements, you will access new levels of knowledge and abstraction. Doing a course that you are not gradually accompanied in the learning process will only lead to frustration.


One of the most significant sources of motivation is the conviction that our actions have a purpose and are beneficial to us. Your interest in learning Spanish will grow with the resolution of exercises that serve to insert you into the real world, for example, conversation simulations or other experiences.

Teachers at your disposal:

There is nothing more valuable than a good teacher to get you started on your learning path. If you do an online course, ensure that there are guaranteed spaces for interaction with the teachers, such as live classes, an enquiry box or an exchange forum. You will notice the difference.

Level of training:

If you don’t have any basic knowledge of Spanish, you should be honest and say so. If you already have some basic Spanish skills, you can ask to be assessed to determine your level and what type, of course, would suit you best.

And finally, have fun!

If you are already living in Barcelona, congratulations, this is the best way to learn a language. You can look for films, books, radios, music, YouTubers and much more content in Spanish to practice every day. eNot only will you have numerous opportunities to practice, you will also have a need to learn that will keep you motivated.

Barcelona offers hundreds of possibilities to learn Spanish while enjoying this vibrant city. Your Spanish course in Barcelona is waiting to offer you a world of exciting possibilities.