Omnitronics has been awarded a contract to supply and install omnicore Enterprise Radio Dispatch to Mining company Rio Tinto in Western Australia

Enterprise Dispatch Management System omnicore will be supplied to the Rio Tinto Operations Center in Perth, Western Australia, connecting local radio dispatch operators to remote mine sites some 1,600 km / 1000 miles away, and is due to be installed in late 2021.
Rio Tinto is a mining and metals company operating in about 35 countries around the world and comprises an integrated network of 16+ mines in the remote Pilbara region of Western Australia. 
omnicore Enterprise Dispatch features high availability and redundancy options, specifically important to business-critical operations that rely on continuous uptime to keep their business running smoothly, and workers safe at all times. In addition, the omnicore dispatch console is developed to continue working even in the event of server(s) becoming unavailable, thus further reducing overall business downtime potential.
omnicore Scalable Enterprise Dispatch is available to global customers in mining, government, public safety, enterprise, maritime, transport, and other mission-critical industries immediately.

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