If the pandemic has proven anything, it is that plans may change at any time. What you predict now could not be right tomorrow. To maintain a competitive advantage, you must keep up with the latest trends and predictions regularly. Throughout the worldwide prevalence, several companies altered their strategy to connect and communicate with their customers digitally. As a result, email marketing saw a surprising increase, and new email trends developed.

While this is undeniably fantastic news, especially given the rise in email newsletter participation, we must approach with care! To stay ahead of the competition and master your email marketing strategy, you must stay up to date on new developments and the latest trends. So, what are those current email marketing trends concerning design and content? Well, keep on reading and let us tell you all about the email marketing trends of 2021.

  • A dash of captivating colour

I understand this doesn’t seem like much, and I’m sure you’re wondering, “What if my company and bright colours don’t work?” The year 2021 has been all about standing out, even if you have the prospect just where you want them. Due to social distance, all organizations are increasingly employing email newsletters with unique email designs and layout. Therefore, your email must leave a lasting impact. The sort will have your prospect searching for your email in their mailbox because they felt it was interesting or meaningful.

Use colours that complement your brand’s image – the brighter, the better, since this will elicit an emotional reaction. Remember that emotional reactions are what consumers react to and, more importantly, what they recall after interacting with your business. Without speaking a word, a burst of colour may highlight what your email is about. Using your business’s trademark colours may boost brand awareness and, ultimately, your credibility and trust with your customers.

  • Text-only emails

The second emerging email marketing trend is text-only email marketing. But what exactly is it? Text-only emails are on the rise and are projected to become increasingly prevalent in the area of email marketing. Text-only emails, similar to SMS marketing, rely on the fundamental essentials: engaging copy. If you don’t want to use GIFs and other graphics to improve your email marketing strategy in 2021, you don’t have to. Text-only emails are similar to those received from an acquaintance or trusted colleague. They’re personal, but they may also be serious business.

Even if your business is visually oriented and enjoys interactive features, text-only emails might be beneficial. Give a break to your colourful email marketing approach and depend just on words. This will undoubtedly make your brand appear more fascinating and natural, enabling you to interact more personally with your market. Make your emails fun and interesting to read, you can even hire copywriters specially for this who can help you a lot to make your text-only emails a success.

  • User-generated email marketing

Another incredible trend that appeared earlier in 2020 is the use of user-generated content in email marketing campaigns. UGC (User-Generated Content) refers to many forms of content produced by end-users of goods and services (pictures, audio, infographics, and content). There is a lot of evidence that UGC increases conversion rates. According to several marketing polls, more than 8% of customers believe in the value of user-generated reviews.

Approximately 70% of all online shoppers of items and services base their purchasing decisions on ratings, feedback, and comments posted by other users of the particular products and services. The trust and value shown by their clients for their goods and services is the one thing that marketing experts should mention in their email marketing. The usage of user-generated content is also an efficient approach for marketers to increase the confidence of new prospective customers as they advertise their goods and services.

  • Hyper-personalization

Clients would not want to be treated as just another gear in the mechanism; they want to know that the firms in which they spend values them. In email marketing, the lack of personalization that comes with automation can be a source of worry. Marketers have recently realized that one of the most effective methods to do this is via thorough customization.

The use of Artificial Intelligence makes it simpler to assure personalization by gathering more data about your clientele. Clients are becoming more aware of the quantity of information that is being gathered about them. People typically expect it to be utilized to fulfil their needs effectively; they only agree to give up their personal details in return for more tailored services.

Before creating an email that connects your clients, examine their purchasing habits and patterns, open rates, and favourite goods or services. Personalization is all about the fundamentals, so always include the recipient’s name and consider including a customized comment. Also, don’t forget to add CTA to remind them to fulfil an action.

Final thoughts:

Email marketing has consistently demonstrated a chameleon-like medium capable of rapidly and readily adapting to change. And in a year like 2020, where everything changed so quickly, it may be one of the few marketing staples that work. Make sure to utilize it carefully, pick your colours and images appropriately while adhering to your brand’s tone, and analyze the audience constantly. After all, 2020 has been a wild ride, with the most prominent and growing trend being a human-centric, empathic mentality.