Lockdown TV sees 10-fold surge in sales at ghost hunting equipment online retailer Spirit Shack


An online ghost hunting equipment retailer has seen a 10-fold increase in sales after a surge in demand during lockdown.

Sheffield-based SpiritShack launched in 2019 but since becoming a limited company in January has sold £500,000 worth of goods.

The boost in sales has led to the family-run company hiring its first three members of staff to work alongside founder Sam Ashford.

SpiritShack currently sells around 100 products largely imported from American suppliers but the company has a growing range of its own products, including the best-selling Spirit Pod, which creates a static field in order to identify anything living or dead.

Other popular products sold by the retailer include a 360° Motion Tracking Puck, a Digital EVP Recorder and a Touch Activated Ghost Hunting Bear.

Founder Sam Ashford said SpiritShack’s significant year-on-year growth had been helped by the number of people introduced to ghost-hunting during lockdown.

He said: “There were lots of people sat at home watching TV during lockdown and many discovered ghost-hunting programmes for the first time like Most Haunted and Ghost Adventures, and there’s also more and more interest in the subject on YouTube.

“The impact has been incredible for us and we’re now the largest ghost hunting equipment stores in the UK with many new products currently in development.

“Our goal now is to expand our own-brand range of ghost hunting products – all designed, built and tested here at SpiritShack – and to keep growing as fast as we can.”

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