5 Major Advantages Of Buying Pre-Owned Commercial Vehicles For Start-Ups


Enterprising professionals are always looking for great opportunities in business. In recent years, the boom from the Ecommerce industry has meant a sudden growth in associated and aligned businesses. Delivery companies, commercial logistics operators, and Ecommerce brands themselves are looking to buy commercial vehicles.

However, commercial vehicles like delivery vans and container trucks do not come cheap. New ones can set you back substantially. For start-up businesses that are always struggling with limited resources, new commercial vehicles cannot be the solution.

In recent years, the aim for new businesses and start-ups has been to get their hands on pre-owned commercial vehicles. In this article, we speak to one of the leading dealerships offering pre-owned commercial vehicles, thinkone.com.sg

We ask their executives and representatives to list down the five major advantages of buying pre-owned commercial vehicles for your start-up.

List of 5 Advantages of Buying Pre-Owned Commercial Vehicles for your Start-Up

  • Lower Initial Upfront Costs-

There is no denying the fact that pre-owned commercial vehicles command a price that is far lower than their newer siblings. New businesses can use this money saved and invest in areas like product development, marketing, and hiring. Once the business starts to do better, you can always retire your pre-owned fleet and get new commercial vehicles.

  • Guarding against Rapid Depreciation-

If you are familiar with how rapidly new vehicles depreciate, you will know why some of the world’s top businesses prefer pre-owned vehicles. For a new business that is constantly looking to improve its valuation, depreciating assets like new commercial vehicles is never a good fit. Buying a pre-owned commercial vehicle helps guard against drastic depreciation rates.

  • Better Options and Deals on Pre-Owned Stock-

Reputed dealerships like Think One stock almost all the established brands under one roof. You have tons of options, variations, and price points that you explore, all in one place. This helps you negotiate the best deals, offers, and add-on benefits that dealerships are more than happy with on pre-owned commercial vehicles. You can be happy with your selection at the end.

  • Flexible Buying and Selling Options in Pre-Owned Commercial Vehicles-

When it comes to new vehicles, the dealership often has their hands tied and have to follow the mandate set by the brand. Not so much in pre-owned vehicles, where the dealer is the sole authority to decide what they can offer you. This is a much more flexible arrangement, where buying options can be numerous. You can also sell it back to the dealership if you so desire.

  • Insurance, Running Costs and Maintenance is lower-

You are forced to take your new car to a company service center because you know they will void the warranty if you take it somewhere else. In spite of the bad service, you take the vehicle there. On the other hand, you do not have any such problems when buying a pre-owned commercial vehicle. You experience lower service costs, maintenance levels, and so on.

Why the Dealership Matters when you are Buying a Pre-Owned Commercial Vehicle?

While a lot has been written about pre-owned commercial vehicles, there is a need to talk about the dealerships that offer these vehicles. There is a tendency to equate poor levels of service with dealerships that are selling pre-owned or used vehicles.

This is a generalization that does not fit all dealerships. In recent years, there are several credible companies like Think One that are optimizing the process of buying pre-owned commercial vehicles. They do everything including-

  • Safety and inspection checks for the inventory that they have
  • Offer easy finance options for leasing, buying, or renting
  • Give service packages at their own service centers for the vehicles
  • Provide additional support like extending licenses and registrations
  • Provide warranties, insurance, and buy-back options for the vehicles

If you are in the market for a pre-owned commercial vehicle, you need to do your research on the dealerships first. Looking at online reviews, ratings, websites, as well as social media pages will give you a fair idea about the dealership in question.

The Bottom Line

There is no denying the fact that critics of pre-owned commercial vehicles will go to any lengths to stop you from buying it. The reality is that is the industry is mushrooming thanks to credible dealerships that are offering top-class services and helping new businesses and start-ups realize their dreams.