Debunking 7 Major Myths And rumors About International Schools

Debunking 7 Major Myths And rumors About International Schools


In the last few years, international schools seem to be cropping up everywhere we look. Huge palatial campuses, foreign faculty members, the latest tech amenities, and a long list of extra-curriculars are some areas that come to mind when we speak about international schools.

In spite of international schools offering the best facilities, some parents are hesitant to send their kids to one. Studies have shown that the reluctance stems from parents falling for certain myths and rumors that surround international schools.

In this resource article, we are going to debunk the seven major myths and rumors around international schools. If you are a parent considering an international school and are still undecided, you should follow this article.

List of 7 Major Myths and rumors around International Schools

  1. International Schools are Expensive-

As human beings, we tend to equate the price of something after putting it against the quality it offers. However, we tend to ignore such an approach when it comes to school fees. If you enrol at Invictus Hong Kong international school, you will realize that their fee structure is affordable and at par with any other private school. In spite of the school offering far better facilities.

  1. Universities and Colleges do not accept students from International Schools-

Why would international schools opt for leading certifications and accreditations if students would be denied admission to higher education institutions? On the contrary, universities and colleges prefer students from international schools. This is because students from international schools have been imparted global education and are taught critical thinking.

  1. The Curriculum and Teaching Standards are Unproven-

There is no doubt that there are some schools that are hundred years old. Compared to them, international schools might be a few decades old. However, international schools offer the best educational curriculums, facilities, and teaching. They hire the best teaching faculty, use the latest tech integrations and create a holistic learning environment for their students.

  1. Too much emphasis on Extra-Curricular Activities-

This is another area that parents feel distracts kids from core educational learning. International schools offer a rich list of extracurricular as they believe it helps kids become better individuals. It also allows children to develop interest and pick up skills, which can help them become professionals in fields later in life. It creates healthier and better-informed children.

  1. (Parents) We went to Normal Schools and turned out alright-

A lot of parents feel that since they turned out to be fine and responsible in terms of career, their kids will do the same. This is a wrong assumption. There is so much that has changed since the time parents were in school. The new world demands a new model of education that international schools offer. It prepares the child for the world’s modern challenges.

  1. Overemphasis on using Technology and Software-

Parents feel that international schools rely too much on technology which is a bad thing for their children. They fail to realize that integrating technology into learning can help them prepare for their careers and professional lives better. Technology also helps children become aware of online educational resources, collaborate with different students, and become aware.

  1. International Schools offer non-serious educational curriculums-

Parents often look at public schools and their emphasis on mindless rote learning. When they compare the same with the kind of education that international schools offer, they see a difference. International schools work to build critical thinking in students. They allow for learning that promotes a deeper understanding and awareness of the subject.

Should you send your children to an international school?

The myths and rumors listed down in the last section would have helped you gain clarity on this question. In this section, we will list down some additional reasons why you should send your children to an international school.

  • Firstly, international schools hire the best faculty members. These are highly qualified and experienced teachers that can impart education in the best possible manner.
  • Secondly, international schools work to ensure a low student-to-teacher ratio. This helps children get individual attention and allows them to clear their doubts and issues.
  • Thirdly, international schools use the best tech and software to impart an education that is in line with the times we are living in. Tech helps in creating an engaging experience.
  • Fourthly, international schools have kids of different nationalities and cultural backgrounds. It allows kids to benefit from diverse knowledge and cultures.
  • Lastly, international schools have the best infrastructure from playgrounds to auditoriums, cafeteria rooms, and more. Your child will not have any issues in one.

The Bottom Line

In this article, we have been successful in debunking some of the major myths and rumors around international schools. We have also listed down some major reasons why parents should consider sending their children to international schools. If you would like us to discuss any more questions or address any of your queries on international schools, let us know in the comments.