Industrial dehumidification for corporates

A desiccant dehumidifier made using the modern technology holding the most significant innovation uses the new saving energy system to offer a complete solution. Dessica is a guru corporate dedicated to the dry air process, marking history with success in dehumidification. Great technology has been vital in the making of the dry air and industrial process for dehumidification.

Dessica offers you an industrial desiccant dehumidifier of the quality standard to fit for industrial use and any building. Dessica systems solve all the air treatment units like the hygrometer, temperature, and dust. They use the new saving energy system that combines filtration, adapted regulation, and heat exchange offering a complete solution. Visit for more about their products and services.

Components of an industrial desiccant dehumidifier

It’s made with a mechanical resistance of class 2A with the ability to self-support from the panels made from stainless steel and the pre-lacquered sheet containing 304L to 316L. They have different thermal performances: thermal transmission of class T2 and thermal bridging of class TB2. They also have a drift filter leak of class F9, airtightness casing of class B.

Benefits of an industrial desiccant dehumidifier

They are made in two different models-the indoor and outdoor installation. It is, therefore, more accessible for any organization to choose the best model that fits their premises for effective working. It’s also vital for air regulation of any building, corporates, or industry.

The industrial desiccant dehumidifier is made with a filter to make the air produced safely. The particles and impurities get cleared before getting to the air by the filter. The PLC automatic control makes operation simple and very quick to operate a dehumidifier.

The dry air process has become part of a daily routine and is essential in industries and buildings. The food processing industries, pharmaceuticals, and other corporate that deal with processing and packaging need the Dessica dry air solution.

Its system has a silica gel that enhances high performance, which helps retain moisture content. The availability of two fans and a rotor helps with the movement of air in distinct streams. The humid air moisturized through the rotor is captured, and the rotating material from silica gel makes it safe and dry.

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