100ASA app aims to beat Instagram as the best platform for photography

100ASA, an online community with over 10,000 photographers worldwide, has launched an app with the promise to compete directly with Instagram. Through it, photographers can showcase their work to anyone with a phone on their hands in an environment exclusively dedicated to photography lovers. 
“100ASA is going to compete with Instagram because this social media platform has lost its identity. Instagram started as a photo-sharing platform, and it’s now much more about advertising. You can upload anything on Instagram. On the other hand, 100ASA is 100% for those with a strong passion for photography. And we only publish images approved by our curation process.” 
“Many of our members mentioned having joined 100ASA for being tired of platforms that prefer mass over quality. On 100ASA, only the best images are included in our galleries,” says Massimiliano Peluso, founder & Enterprise Solution Architect of 100ASA. “100ASA comes as an alternative for photographers at any stage of their careers to promote their work. And the public is sure to be seeing only high-quality images.”
All 100ASA images go through a rigorous curation process before appearing in one of the four online galleries: Opening, Upcoming, Prime, and Elite. Each gallery has its requirements and criteria for approval. Both seasoned professionals (curators) and the community decide together what photos are featured. 100ASA also has invested in ways to prevent mass uploads and fake accounts. 
100ASA app is currently available for free download on Google Play for Android users, and it will soon be available on App Store for iOS users. An account must be created to access the online galleries, but it’s not necessary to have a paid account to visit them.
App reviewers interested in testing the app can get in touch with 100ASA to arrange a test account.

100ASA is a unique online community of professional and amateur photographers with an innovative curation process. Founded in 2019, it has now over 10,000 free and paid members.


Massimiliano Peluso

Founder & Enterprise Solution Architect


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