The 3 most common phases of alcohol addiction treatment during an outpatient programme

If you are going to an outpatient program, you need to know what to expect before signing up. Since you may have only been to an inpatient program before – or this is your first time at a rehabilitation facility – knowing what you are going to get yourself into beforehand is the best way that you can feel prepared and ready for what is to come. If you go in and you are not sure what to expect, you can end up not adhering to your program and you can end up not staying sober. After all, the whole point of this is to get clean and stay clean – so by knowing what you can expect and the type of facility that you’re attending, you can have peace of mind that will keep you going back for more.

Let’s see a few of the basic steps and phases of an outpatient program at a rehabilitation facility that you will go through during your time in recovery. You can also reach out to The Edge Treatment to learn more about this program.

The 3 main phases of alcohol addiction treatment during an outpatient program

Since outpatient is very different from inpatient programs, you should know the differences and what you can expect going to an outpatient treatment program. An outpatient program is one where you don’t have to stay overnight and sleep at the facility – instead, you will go about your normal day as you typically would, and solely attend therapy sessions and group counseling together at the facility. After that, you’re free to leave, go wherever you want, and check back in the next day or the next week.

This can be a good choice for some people who have already gone through the inpatient program and are looking to reintegrate into society. Furthermore, it can be good for those who do not have a full-on addiction to a substance, but more find that they are irresponsibly using a substance that is causing them to have questions about their habits.

Detox program

One of the main phases of going to an outpatient program is that you will go through the detox program. This is typically the first part of the outpatient program at an alcohol addiction center, as this will cover your come-down from your substance of choice and help you get clean to begin your recovery process. You will typically go through this alcohol detoxification period for between 5 days to 14 days, depending on the severity of your alcoholism and the frequency of your use.

Group therapy

The second phase of going to an outpatient program is attending group therapy. When you go to alcohol addiction treatment, you will speak with others who are in similar situations to show you are not alone.

Individual counseling

The third phase of outpatient programs at an alcohol addiction treatment center is going to individual counseling to figure out the root cause of your addiction and why you are abusing alcohol.


If you’re going through alcohol addiction treatment, you can expect to go through specific phases of the outpatient program at a facility of your choosing. Go through the detox program, group therapy, and individual counseling to get clean and sober!