Dashade Music Empire Presents The New Debut Single I Hope You Love Forever By The Artist Maurice Williams

Divine Love Is Forever, and love by sight is illusionary. 

“love, is soul of genius.”- Mozart

At the turn of the century music changed gradually from deep love rhythms into deep sexual desire. The raw form of the attributes of compassion was lost. 

According to the artist Maurice Williams born in the year of 1978; this is why he decided to start a bring back the old school love campaign.

Mr. Williams first felt these old school musical rhythms by listening to the artist Michael Jackson’s single ” The Lady In My Life” released in 1982. Williams heard this song in late 1984 while laying in bed. 

Although Williams released his first recorded track called “Relations” in late 2020; he has been writing since 1988. He has now released a romantic song track called ” I Hope You Love Forever”. 

In the words of Maurice Williams,” Love expressed in its raw form heals.”

His musical compassion has won him a special jury award from the Uruvatti Film Festival for the song “Love Is Truth”.

“Value a man or woman more than possessions, and or material gains that is true caring.” – Maurice Williams (born 1978)

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