How much do top cleanfluencers earn? New research finds they make up to £10k per post!

·       The Home Edit is the highest earning cleanfluencer handle on Instagram right now, earning around £10,546.76 per Instagram post

·       Mrs Hinch is the second-highest earning, making around £8,008.58 per Instagram post, followed by Marie Kondo (~£7,726.36 per post)

·       Mrs Hinch is the highest earning Brit in the top 10, followed by Lynsey Crombie (Queen of Clean). She is also the highest earning solo cleanfluencer.

·       The data finds post frequency has no bearing on how much cleanfluencers earn, but follower counts and ‘likes’ per post does


New research by Gtech, the cordless cleaning experts, has found that today’s top cleanfluencers can stand to make anything from £2k to a cool £10k for every Instagram post they publish.


The Home Edit’s founders, Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin, together are the highest earning cleanfluencers, earning upwards of £10k per post. If each post they have ever created were costed up at their current asking price, their lifetime earnings would fetch over £38m (estimated £38,590,594.84).

When compared against other top influencers, The Home Edit makes 32 per cent (around £2,500) more per post than Mrs Hinch, their closest rival. That being said, Mrs Hinch makes 4 per cent (around £300) more per post than Marie Kondo, who is the third most popular cleanfluencer.

While The Home Edit’s organisation and tidying website only started in 2015, their eponymous Netflix show in 2020 was the business move that catapulted the pair into five-figure infamy. 


Over this short window of time, The Home Edit has accrued the highest number of followers of any other cleanfluencer handle with 5.5 million followers (1.4 million more than Mrs Hinch and 1.5 million more than Marie Kondo).

Gtech’s research also finds a clear correlation between no. of Instagram followers and expected earnings per post, in that those with more followers can stand to earn more per post. Using the data, it calculates that for every two new followers, cleanfluencers can request around an extra £1 per post. 


Interestingly, having more followers does not correlate with increased frequency of Insta posts. In fact, many Instagram users deem fewer posts as more credible than if the cleanfluencer were to constantly post. 


Mrs Hinch, for example, has posted the least on Instagram out of all the cleanfluencers in the top 10 list. To date, her 4.1 million followers have only seen 282 posts from her handle. However, when she does post, she receives the highest number of likes when compared against all other cleanfluencers (which will help with her bargaining power to request £8k per post).

 The same pattern can be seen with The Home Edit and Marie Kondo, where likes far surpass frequency of posts. Again, this seems to be the trick to asking for large sums of money per Instagram post: establish loyal followers who will interact with frequently to every announcement.


Do It on a Dime (Kathryn Snearly) receives similar engagement from her 257,051 Instagram followers, albeit in a mid-tier position (she receives around £740 per post). Could she be the next big cleanfluencer to watch out for?


A Gtech spokesperson commented:


“Cleanfluencers are a huge market on Instagram right now – and rightly so! We have all become more house proud since Covid, so why wouldn’t you want to learn how to make your chores more manageable by following a few helpful cleanfluencers who make it fun?


“Likewise, here at Gtech we’re always keen to learn how to make Brits’ cleaning lives’ easier. Our cordless vacuums, for instance, take the stress out of what can be quite a tiresome task, leaving more ‘feet up’ time without scrimping on cleanliness.”  


For further insights from the Gtech team, visit the Gtech blog.




Notes to editors 


Well-known cleanfluencers were chosen based off how often they were reported on in other news articles, such as The Sun, (articles 1 and 2), The Guardian, and Royal Cleaning. The final result was the top 15 cleanfluencers of Instagram. 


Using Influencer Marketing Hub’s calculator and the Instagrammers’ public account information on Instagram, Gtech collected data about the influencer’s name, handle, follower count, estimated earnings, amount of postings, location, average number of likes per post, average number of comments per post, and engagement rate. They then calculated the influencers estimated earnings per post by averaging out their maximum and minimum earnings per post as of September 9, 2021 in UK pounds. Average likes per post were then plotted vs the number of posts the influencers had as of September 9, 2021. 


All data is accurate as of September 9, 2021.


About Gtech


Founded in 2012, Gtech is an independent British company innovated which designs and manufactures cordless home and garden appliances such as vacuum cleaners, floor sweepers and electric bikes. Committed to creating the best loved home products possible, Gtech has sold over 22 million products across 19 countries worldwide. 

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