5 Reasons Why Being Indifferent Is Healthy

Since childhood, most people are taught that indifference is a bad thing, and that the first thing a person should think about is how to help his or her loved ones, fix their mistakes, and become useful to someone else. In reality, it is not those who push themselves into the background and do everything to win the favor of those around them who succeed, but those who have learned to cope with difficulties without pain and worry, without taking other people’s words to heart. It really can make your life easier, but the important thing here is to understand the difference between ordinary and healthy, the right kind of pouting.

Indifference is, first and foremost, the ability to face one’s difficulties, to maturely assess one’s feelings, and to be honest with oneself. Unhealthy indifference is ignoring one’s mistakes, devaluing one’s life experiences, and refusing to live through difficult moments. Such people do not develop internally and for years drag along the weight of unresolved problems.

If you want to learn how to respond to external stimuli without panic or stress, there are a few rules for a healthy attitude. We’ve gathered the best tips for you that will change your life.

Don’t Evaluate Things or Events

It is human nature to think in categories and divide all events and things into “positive” and “negative,” “possible” and “impossible.” This list could go on and on, but the point is that there are many more shades of reality, and dividing everything into black and white is at least meaningless. You may encounter a problem that at first glance seems unsolvable, and you will face a difficult choice: take the easy way and call it an insurmountable obstacle, or take your time to assess it and try to make at least some effort to begin with.

Healthy indifference teaches you not to evaluate thoughts, words, actions and events, because nothing in human life is unambiguous. For example, it is not always bad to just watch Netflix or play with bonuses at tonybet.com/en/promotions/first-deposit-casino. You should understand first why someone has made this decision instead of doing something more “important”. Remember that this “important” is actually important only for you but not for those people. Until you try to change something that bothers, annoys or pisses you off, until you find out what the person really meant and what their motives were, don’t make loud characterizations.

Something Is Always Uncertain

Everyone is frightened by the unknown and uncertainty. Try to accept the undeniable fact: life is uncertain in itself. But this does not deprive you of opportunities. On the contrary, all doors are open to you. You can do whatever you want, look however you want, live wherever you feel most comfortable. Your future is not a scripted scenario, but a path that you can choose and modify as you wish. With enough effort, you can achieve everything you have planned and more.

Find Your Way to Cope With Stress

Everyone handles stress differently, and that’s okay. Don’t get caught up in articles about how sports are good for you and how a change in activity helps take your mind off your worries. If sports are a source of stress for you, going to the gym after a hard day at work will only multiply the negative impact on your health. Think about what it is that helps you relax. Maybe in your case, instead of exercising, it’s better to take a hot bath or order delivery of your favorite food.

Don’t Take the Words and Actions of Others Personally

Stop blaming yourself for the actions and words of others. Just because a person answered you too harshly to an innocuous question doesn’t mean you did anything wrong. He could have had a bad day at work, had a fight with a loved one, be late for an important meeting, etc. If you’re that bothered by the person’s behavior toward you, politely ask him what’s wrong.

Throw Something you’re not Interested in

People with a healthy attitude may seem irresponsible and careless, but they are not. They simply value themselves and their time, so they quickly weed out activities that don’t interest them or don’t lead them to their desired outcome. A healthy pisser will try different hobbies, change several jobs, and will not convince themselves to stop just for stability or to see things through to the end. Such people will not be satisfied with little, and such an attitude brings them success in life.