OnlyFans search engine Hubite evolves into fully-fledged platform to keep user community thriving

Browsing hub rolls out new features inspired by – and designed for – content creators 


Leading OnlyFans search engine Hubite is evolving into a multifaceted platform – with the website undergoing a big redesign in a bid to support content creators. 


Starting life as a browsing hub for OnlyFans accounts, Hubite is now shifting focus towards interactivity and community; with the new platform emulating social media channels such as Instagram.  


Hubite says the revamp coincides with a momentous shift within the sector. Bigger content creation budgets are now being made available on a wider, more regular basis – enticing and enabling people to produce new material in different ways on advanced platforms. 


Co-founder of Hubite Sergio explains: “As the creator economy grows, our product has evolved constantly in order to attend to the needs of this community. 


“It’s amazing to see how willing they are to collaborate to create a safe space, because they are usually rejected by the mainstream media, banks and even worker’s regulations.”


Thousands of content creators sought refuge on Hubite after OnlyFans announced a ban on explicit content in September, followed by a drastic u-turn.


The changing climate has inspired Hubite to push into new territory – expanding from a leading OnlyFans search engine into an all-encompassing platform designed for the content creator community. 


View the new-look Hubite platform online.


Read more about what’s happening across the content creator community via the Hubite blog.  

About Hubite


Hubite is the leading OnlyFans search engine that enables users to find accounts quickly and easily, offering additional functionality by breaking down searches by account type, country and category. 


Built in collaboration with content creators, Hubite is also designed so users can promote their account safely to an audience of more than 2 million monthly users, boost their profile, and learn how to get the most from their accounts. 


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