How one company (IQS) is transforming digital learning through gamification

Don’t make decisions with cash and sweat equity, make them post a dry run! 
That’s what Kuldip Sandhu Phd thought to himself when looking at the level of wastage in terms of man hours, not to mention the money that millions of businesses lose each year by not having what he calls “2020 vision”. 
He says “To achieve this you have to challenge the critical thinking of your board” claiming “As we move to the restart of businesses around the globe with employees starting come back to work, digital adoption and transformation will be paramount across all sectors.  Covid-19 has been the ultimate burning platform for most businesses/institutions and a strategic transformational change is required, and this will be enabled through technology.” 
During lock down periods across 2020 and 2021, he says that Innovative Quality Solutions (IQS) have grabbed their in-room simulation and turned it into a “virtual player game”.  They have also “launched a world leading platform in February this year”. Mr Sandhu thinks the move to a virtual play will support the move that many businesses have adopted in implementing hybrid delivery model policies for the future workforce. 

Does it de-risk everything? 

No, but he says “If we actually challenge how we think of strategic growth, spending and project prioritisation gains are inevitable.”

The exciting but is “the how”..

With gamification at its core, the platform is taking an educational approach to motivate cohorts, to learn by using video game design and gaming elements, in a learning environment. The goal, he says “is to maximize enjoyment and engagement through capturing the interest of learners and inspiring them to continue learning.” 
Gamification, broadly defined, is the process of defining the elements which comprise games that make those games fun and motivate players to continue playing and using those same elements in a non-game context to influence behaviour.

Sandhu is convinced that the platform, by using an experiential learning approach and through a practical learning process for the individual, will help users transform their organisation’s Digital IT function and align it to the business needs with a focus on customer centricity using technology as the enabler.

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