What can you do with the DBA degree?

What can you do with the DBA degree?

DBA is an abbreviation for the doctorate in business administration. The degree programme is exclusively designed to provide advanced knowledge and expertise to managers and business leaders of the business and industrial sectors. A DBA is the highest educational degree to be pursued in the fields of business administration. It is a well-designed course that focuses on building comprehensive knowledge through primary and secondary research to understand the evidence-based practice.

A DBA degree can help you learn and improve leadership and management by applying the classroom teachings to practical situations. If you pursue a doctorate in business administration, you can enhance your employment potential to work in leading multinational companies.

In a recent survey held by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the career outlook for the DBA degree holder can grow by 14% from 2016 to 2026, which is faster than the average of other careers.

The high-level training imparted by the expert tutors can help the professional take on senior management positions in the business sector. DBA programme offers rigorous and hands-on training in a broad field of different specialisations that you can choose in accordance with your choice of career paths. Talking about career progression after completing a DBA degree are as follows:

  • C- level executive officer
  • Management analyst
  • Economist
  • Professor
  • Market research analyst
  • Organisational management
  • Consultant

These are some of the most popular job roles taken on by the DBA programme graduates and are among the most in-demand jobs in the market that offer you a handsome salary. The average earning potential of a DBA graduate can range from $107,000 to $152,000, and an opportunity to work at the top managerial positions in the most renowned multinational companies.

A DBA course has the potential to open doors for a futuristic and industry-aligned career in the modern business industry. After completing the course, the students can get an opportunity to choose from a plethora of lucrative jobs available in the market. With a DBA degree in hand, you become compatible to offer your services in sectors like banking, finance, and accounting. The large consultancy firms also seek professionals with high-level skills that can only be developed with a DBA programme.

International retailers and fashion houses also offer employment to individuals with a DBA degree. Another professional benefit of opting for a DBA programme is that the graduates can get exemption from relevant professional examinations of the chartered institute of marketing, the chartered institute of management accountants, and Institutes of chartered accountants. The students of the DBA programme can also join the institute of management as members.

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