What is no code BI and Why does every company on every scale need Business Intelligence?

Spreadsheets over spreadsheets. Chunks of data in charts and graphs. The story of every business out there!

When countless other tasks need major attention, businesses around the globe spend loads of time integrating and analysing data that is disorganised and difficult to interpret. The need here is to become intelligent in manipulating the data from the database that can aid in making smarter business decisions.

Enter business intelligence, the versatile and powerful strategies and technologies used to provide people with real-time data from all kinds of databases integrated into a single source. All this and more is possible without even the need for any coding related knowledge.

Powermetrics, a UK-based award-winning data and visualisation expert is here to explain how they have converted the power of data into actionable insights. Let’s deep dive into further details.

Importance of business intelligence

It’s simple logic. Companies who want to stay at the helm and work smart need to invest and adapt to this disruptive era of big data. From monitoring future trends to accommodating the volatile market and making smarter and improved decisions, BI can revolutionise businesses in every aspect.

Businesses can manipulate the data to know their competitors’ behaviour, monitor the vital KPI’s and produce accurate and fast reports. Being disorganised and hard to interpret, conventional data analytics can come with numerous discrepancies and inaccuracies. With BI, any organisation can go way beyond the mere data accumulation and presentation in a dashboard. No coding BI enables us to aggregate data from various sources and helps us visualise the real picture.

Powermetrics acclaims that ‘No coding BI is the future’.

In this fast-paced world, the success of a business depends on how effectively they make use of the data or in other words how data-driven they are. To stay data-driven, businesses must adapt to the latest business intelligence platforms such as Powermetrics that helps us clearly comprehend the power of data.

Data analytics has surpassed way beyond mere churning out information. From supporting the business strategies to predicting the future trends, business intelligence tools chop down data in some real digestible forms.

Furthermore, the no coding business intelligence advances its purpose by making data accessible to everyone without the barriers of any coding knowledge. While no coding concept was something that existed in the developers’ world. But with the latest advancement, Powermetrics has incorporated no coding BI into analytics.

By simply dragging and dropping, people can now create a fully-operational dashboard that allows them to prepare strategies and take actions directly within it.

Benefits of going no code for businesses

  • No need for any data engineer

When using the conventional ways. Businesses tend to depend on data engineers a lot. With a no-coding business intelligence tool, one can simply connect the data and develop insights.

  • Immediately actionable insights

No coding BI tools eliminate various unnecessary steps and thus apply data adjustments instantly. Receive insights faster and collaborate with your team most effectively.

  • Connect various data sources

There is no dearth of data sources. Generally, conventional data analytics makes it difficult to visualise such a huge amount into a report.

  • No more large data stack

The conventional way demands you to buy stacks as and when the requirement arises. Along with that also comes the time taking process of buying, testing, developing and more. Above all, once the stack is bought it requires further maintenance and updates. With data analytics dashboards, your analysts can focus on the real business operations rather than spending endless hours on the data stacks.

  • Time-saving

As mentioned above, in all aspects conventional data analytics is certainly time-consuming. Those who want an immediate and accurate decision that can help in propelling business must opt for no coding BI tools.

No coding BI- It’s way beyond just a dashboard!

Incorporating business intelligence isn’t only about displaying numbers on the dashboard. No coding BI allows businesses to make data-driven decisions through accessible streams. For those who are keen on data but are not coding experts, this brings dynamism and opportunities.

Data smart dashboards will effectively convey to the users what exactly the big data is trying to tell us. Both the uncertainties and findings are clearly communicated in a more comprehensible way.

Solutions to all your business challenges are in your Data

  • Explore and empower your business with the power of data. No code BI tools will have all the hard work done behind the scenes while you have to simply plug and play to integrate the data to a single place
  • Access to real-time data from various platforms, databases or CRMs. Hence keeping your metrics up to date is vital in making smarter business decisions.
  • Achieve transformative insights to drive business decisions in a matter of a few minutes.
  • No coding business intelligence enables visualisation that aids in identifying patterns and trends.
  • Easy sharing of insights with everyone in the team.
  • Highly customisable that allows you to work around your business needs.
  • Simplified and automated reports that break down the complex data into easily comprehensible forms.

To sum up

With over 15 years of expertise in the data science and analytics industry, Powermetrics has been offering ace-class business analytics to various organisations. They have helped multiple businesses in collecting information from 1000s of data points via multiple sources and transforming them into actionable formats. Using this plug and play model and without any coding knowledge, one can easily host analytics that serve their business needs.

By simply dragging and dropping, people can now create a fully-operational dashboard that allows them to prepare strategies and take actions directly within it. Learn more about these award-winning visualisation experts at powermetrics.co.uk.