Unleash Your #Halloqueen with Baileys

Introducing the wickedly delicious

Baileys Chocolate Orange S’Mores martini cocktail

October 2021

Double double toil and trouble; marshmallows burn and cauldrons bubble. This Halloween, the Baileys team has joined forces with three of the UK’s favourite drag queens Asia Thorne, Tia Kofi and Veronica Green to bring you the ultimate taste of Halloween indulgence with the Baileys Chocolate Orange S’Mores martini cocktail.

The forecast is looking fierce and fabulous – get ready to paint on your sparkliest nail polish and face glitter whilst working your magic at whipping-up THE cocktail of Halloween 2021 at home. This spooky season, Asia Thorne, Tia Kofi & Veronica Green will be showing you how to unleash your inner #Halloqueen with the best of Baileys treating.

Fluffy marshmallows and dark chocolate meet creamy Baileys Original Irish Cream with a twist of orange, for this wickedly indulgent cocktail. Join the real queens of costume, couture and craft to celebrate all the spooky, ghouly fun we have all been waiting for and make this truly delicious adult treat (no trick).

Baileys Chocolate Orange S’Mores Martini Cocktail

Serves 1 – 1.8 units per serving

What you will need:

  • 1 x martini glass (place it in the freezer 20 minutes before, so it’s nice and chilled)

  • 75g melted dark chocolate

  • 75g finely crushed oaty biscuits

  • 75g lightly crushed orange pearl sugar

  • Orange zest pared in strips

  • A fresh mint sprig

  • 50ml Baileys Original Irish Cream (0.9 units)

  • 25ml Smirnoff No. 21 Vodka (0.9 units)

  • 30ml double cream

  • Large toasting marshmallow

  • Cocktail skewer

  • Ice cubes

  • Edible gold leaf


  1. Melt your dark chocolate and pour onto a plate then add the crushed oaty biscuits and orange pearl sugar onto a separate plate

  2. Dip the rim of your chilled martini glass into the melted chocolate and then carefully straight into the crushed biscuits and pearl sugar – leave to set in the fridge

  3. Put a handful of ice, 50ml Baileys Original Irish Cream, 25ml Vodka, Orange Peel and Mint into a Cocktail Shaker

  4. Shake for 30 seconds and then strain into the glass

  5. Carefully pour the double cream on top over the back of a spoon

  6. Thread a large marshmallow onto a cocktail skewer and carefully toast over a flame

  7. Top your cocktail with the toasted marshmallow and sprinkle with the gold leaf

Top Tip: If you haven’t got a blowtorch, why not place a marshmallow on your cocktail skewer and pop it under a grill for 20 seconds

Baileys Original Irish Cream is available from major supermarkets ABV 17% RRP: £15 for 70cl; RRP; £20 for 1l*. Delicious on its own over ice or drizzled over your favourite Halloween treat. Be sure to check out Baileys’ new advert, to witness the Queens in action as they create the delicious serve this Halloween.

#Halloqueen #DontMindIfIBaileys

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