Decorating Your Home Using Posters

Home decorating and interior design can be daunting tasks at times. Getting everything right from the start is never easy, especially if you are not a professional or cannot easily follow instructions. If you need to have a sensational art wall at home to make your interior design look more exquisite, you can check out photowall posters. You will come across a wide range of phenomenal posters and wallpapers that will brighten up your home.

Here are a few tricks and tips to help make your home a better and elegant place. This guide covers some easy styling tips to create a stunning living or bedroom.

Creating a poster wall

Well, setting up a poster wall is not as easy, but it is something achievable. All you need is a few tools, adequate preparation and a step-wise guide. A poster wall is a seamless way to display the kind of art you love excitingly.

By adding a poster wall, you are adding another focal point in your room. The good thing about this wall is that it can appear anywhere in the room as long as there is enough space.

It can decorate the entrance, and it can hang in the dining hall or the reading area.

The art wall must be cohesive to have one final outstanding outcome. You ought to look at a few things as much as you want to include all your favourite posters.

Carefully pick your choice of frame and art, how to hang it and even where to hang it. So, where do you start if you want to create your poster wall?

Step 1: Do some thorough research

A poster wall is a bewildering piece of art that you don’t just sit and create. You must find some inspiration and what you love, then blend it with the home theme to make it shatter. You are not looking for the posters you want to buy only. Ensure you first brainstorm on the themes and colour palettes in your room.

Anyone can mix and match the theme, colours and textures, but only if you are keen enough will you be able to make your poster wall blend with the room to form a masterpiece. The most crucial thing here is to have a mood board.

Great places to get inspiration for your interior décor are Pinterest and Instagram. Check the endless gallery walls on the interior design pages. There are also lots of websites on the internet that offer inspiration and sell posters.

Also, check for the suitable styles of art and the different sizes that will suit what you want. You could mix up things to create a dynamic poster wall.

Step 2: Measuring

You need to determine where you want to place the poster wall. Measure the size of the space you want to use. It should be the first step before you purchase the posters from a reputable website or even hang some of the posters you have.

You could better visualize the poster wall by setting up some ’empty frames’ on the wall. If you know how to use a drawing tool, you can draw different layouts to see the outcome.

It helps you get a feeling of how your poster wall will turn out. If you are not good at drawing, you could use a computer writing program to draw. Find pictures online and insert them on your ‘frames’ to see how the final poster wall will look.

Take your time in this step and enjoy the process. Make the correct measurements according to the size of the space before making any purchase.

Step 3: Final selection

By the time you get to this step, you already know the number of posters that will go into your poster wall, sizes among other things. The fun begins when you shop for the ideal posters. This step is where you also choose for the framing, and remember it can bring all the difference if you match different types and colours.

Ensure you go for high-quality posters and frames that complement your home theme. The frames are made of different materials, so you will choose aluminium or wooden frame.

Step 4: Hang up your poster wall

Before hanging your poster wall, lay down the simple simulation you initially had on the floor to have a view of how everything should fall in place. Assess the spacing and cohesion of the posters and switch things up if you feel something is off. Do not hang the poster wall too high. Its centre should be 1.5m from the ground.

Ensure you use this measurement all over the home to have a visual midline and create a sense of balance. Hang up the perfectly measured and well-planned poster wall and create an ambient atmosphere in your home. The poster wall will make your living area appear more welcoming and gorgeous than before.

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