5 Reasons To Consider A House Share

If you’re looking for an affordable way to move to a new home, why not consider a house share? Whether you’re moving out for the first time or you have been living on your own for years, house shares are a great way to cut costs and meet new people. Although they often get a bad reputation from home-owners and those that rent their own property, house shares can actually be a great way to live. To help show you, here are 5 reasons to consider living in a house share: 

– Rent Is Much More Affordable

One of the main reasons to live in a house share is that it is one of the most affordable ways to live on your own (technically speaking). If you’re looking to move out of your parent’s house or move to a new property, the cost of renting a bedroom in a house share is going to much less than the cost of renting an entire property. Popular with those that live in busy cities like London, Manchester and Hull, house shares definitely help cut the cost of living. To find a house share in a city, you might want to try searching something similar to ‘House Share Hull’ on Google. 

– You Can Split The Bills

Living in a house share is also much more affordable is when it comes to bills. You will be living with a number of different people so all of the bills that you incur will be split between everyone in the house. Whilst it may not be too much different than renting your own property most of the time, you will notice significant differences when it comes to the cost of heating in winter months

– You Get To Meet Some Incredible People

If you don’t already know the people you’re going to be moving in with, living in a house share is a great way to meet some incredible people. Although you may not get on with everyone, chances are you’re going to find some life long friends. 

– The Responsibilities Are Shared

Another great reason to live in a house is share is that the responsibilities are shared. Although it may be difficult to get everyone to take part, you will find it’s much easier to keep a house clean when there are more of you to help. If you do struggle to get everyone involved, you might want to consider drawing up a chore chart to log who is pulling their weight when it comes to cleaning. For example chore charts, you can visit this site here. 

– The Properties Can Be Just As Nice As Those You Rent Alone

Finally, you will find the properties used for house shares are just as nice as those that you would rent alone. Often house shares get a bad reputation when really it comes down to finding the right property for you. 

Are you thinking of moving into a house share? What benefits could it bring to you? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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