M&I Materials embraces sustainability journey

M&I Materials embraces sustainability journey

Specialist materials manufacturer M&I Materials (M&I) has published its Sustainability Report, setting out its approach to achieving a range of Environmental, Sustainability and Governance (ESG) goals. The report also includes a new carbon reduction commitment. 

“There’s a great deal of talk about sustainability right now” said M&I’s CEO Giles Salt, “We’re more interested in action. We want to show the world how our products enable our customers to innovate and deliver solutions that contribute to a more sustainable world. M&I Materials has been contributing to a greener, safer, more responsible world for many decades, and now our report recognises those past actions and formalises our vision for the future.” 

Following a year-long review of its operations, the Manchester-based manufacturer has detailed its commitment to deliver on sustainability objectives through all parts of its business. M&I’s Sustainability Report is built around the UN Sustainable Development Goals and shows how M&I’s product portfolio contributes to achieving those objectives.

The company points to a wide range of examples of real-world sustainability action. Its customers are able to innovate to reduce the impact they make by using M&I Materials products.  Examples include substantially reducing the amount of concrete used in electrical substation construction, supporting an innovative ‘community boiler’ project commissioned by National Grid, and protecting urban waterways. Last year the company also launched a new immersion cooling liquid with the potential to reduce electric vehicle charging time by half, thus encouraging the transition to zero emissions vehicles. 

Salt says the recent trend towards sustainability is driving change in markets worldwide where M&I Materials operate. He commented “Being active in energy, transport and infrastructure, we can see how these sectors are going to change in the coming years due to the challenges of meeting sustainability targets. Those changes will also affect how we do business; however, we’re committing fully to this journey.”

Salt explained further “We’ve made huge strides forward in other areas like achieving 100% renewable electricity supplied to our site, supporting Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment in our South African operations, and committing to carbon reduction. This comes from operating responsibly, long before ‘sustainability’ became a label. 

“We have deliberately aligned ourselves with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, which helps to demonstrate the positive contributions of our products and inform decision making. While we’re immensely proud of our record, we also understand this will be an ongoing process. What this approach gives us is a clear way forward.”

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