Benefits of online courses for programmers

Do you want to become a programmer, but have no desire to spend time at university? We can explain why online courses are much more effective. Similarly, you write an essay worse than professionals from Editius. Therefore, if you want to become a programmer, you should listen to professionals who work as programmers and can share experience.

The format of training for a programmer is very important, because it determines the distribution of effort you invest in training, time invested, money and, ultimately, result.

There are two popular learning formats: inpatient and online.

Undoubtedly, personal contact with the teacher is important, especially if you are not disciplined, but there are also many shortcomings in inpatient education.

Disadvantages of offline education

– Inability to “move” the training schedule if you do not have time to work;

– Heavy workload after work (get to class, wait until everyone gathers, then return home in the evening and cook at home). In short, inconvenient;

– Stationary programming courses are more expensive compared to the online format. At the same time, most of the funds paid by you go to rent a classroom, equipment, cleaning, coffee break, pay for the services of an office manager, print out training materials in a word on the entire infrastructure for which the funds go;

– Lack of opportunity to repeat individual lessons if you missed something, did not understand or just did not have time to learn;

– Large time losses. This is especially acute when you get to the place of study for an hour or more, and then almost back at night to return the same amount of time;

– Limited attention of the teacher. If you are in a group of even 10 people, and the lesson lasts 2-2.5 hours at best – you can ask a maximum of 2 questions. After all, you are not the only one who did not understand something, and you have the pleasure to ask the teacher how much you want. And the fact that you have to listen to the questions of other members of the group and listen to the answers of the teacher when you understand this topic perfectly and want to continue. Although Logos IT Academy decided this moment by introducing free Saturday consultations!

Online training for a programmer is a format that allows you to study without leaving home with breaks or non-stop of your choice, and at a time when you have the ability and desire.

Of course, online learning includes not only video lessons, but also live consultations, where you have to look in the online room at a certain day and time.

But there are more advantages:

– First, you can connect online from anywhere in the country or even from abroad.

– Secondly, you do not waste a lot of time on the road, but immediately turn on the online learning system, wherever you are at the moment, the main thing – to have a good Internet.

– Training at any time from any location;

– Training saves personal travel time and travel costs;

– Online learning disciplines. You choose the time of classes and practice convenient for you, and control your academic success. This will help you understand how much programming is your field and how much effort you are willing to put into it to achieve good results;

– Online format cheaper than offline;

– A lot of time to practice. On average, the lesson lasts an hour, and then all the time – for you. Practice when it’s convenient, but try to do it regularly to show good results;

– The attention of the teacher and mentor – as much as you want. After all, there is an online community of future developers who study with you in the same group. With all of you, the teacher and mentors can interact and distribute their attention evenly so that all course participants can fully answer all their questions online;

– Ability to watch video lessons as many times as you need, and fully master the material;

– You always have the support of a personal mentor who is online 24/7.

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