The Best Looking Vans For Business

In a society in constant change and transformation, companies have introduced into their natural DNA the ability to adapt to quickly and efficiently cover the opportunities for growth and expansion that are presented to them.

Exploring new business opportunities implies new challenges from the point of view of business mobility, challenges for which Swiss Vans business leasing is the most suitable and versatile option.

Keys To Choosing The Best Rental Car For Companies

If you already know everything that renting can contribute to your project, at Swiss Vans we put our experience at your disposal to help you choose the rental vehicle that best suits the needs of your company, clearing up the main unknowns that may arise during the process of selection. You can lease modified VW Transporter as well from us.

What Type Of Rental Vehicle Is Best Suited To My Company?

The objectives of a recently created company are not the same as those of an emerging company or those of a leading company in its sector, in the same way that a parcel brand does not share the same mobility needs as one linked to the financial sector.

Each business model is different and requires a vehicle capable of meeting the daily needs of workers to offer the best service to its customers. For this reason, before selecting the vehicle, it is advisable to reflect on the necessary space in the passenger compartment or the cargo area, the type of roads on which it will be circulated or if the driving will be carried out in or out of urban centers.

At Swiss Vans we have different kinds of vehicles to cover each type of project, with a rental fleet that includes everything from compact cars to move comfortably around the city to vans with ample load capacity, without forgetting the multiple ranges of car options medium or high.

What Is The Budget Available For My Company’s Renting Car?

One of the main advantages that lead more and more companies to entrust the management of their fleet of vehicles to renting is the economic savings it entails. However, it is essential to know what the available monthly budget is before selecting the rental vehicle since choosing a high-end model will have a higher cost than a mid-range one, as would happen if the company opted for the purchase of the vehicle.

Defining the budget item that the company can dedicate monthly to the renting fees of its fleet and choosing the ideal model and brand will be the first step to benefit from the savings that this mobility solution entails.

How Long Do I Need A Company Rental Car?

The duration of the rental contract is another of the factors that will condition the company’s decision, so it is essential to make a prior estimate of the mobility needs in the medium and long term.

In Swiss Vans it is possible to choose between 36 and 60 months depending on the model and type of vehicle consulted, with 48 months being the most common option. However, it is important to bear in mind that the duration chosen for your company’s renting contract will affect the monthly amount, in such a way that the longer the term selected, the greater the savings.

What Is The Most Suitable Mileage That I Should Hire For My Rental Car?

Another of the initial analysis necessary to choose the most suitable rental car for your company affects the number of kilometers per year and should be as realistic as possible. And the fact is that the higher the limit of kilometers established in the renting contract, the greater the amount of the monthly fee. In addition, it is important to bear in mind that exceeding this limit implies an economic penalty that will depend on the number of kilometers exceeded.

If the business project for which you need the rental vehicle involves short trips, it will not be necessary to hire a very high mileage, while if you plan to make long-distance trips frequently; the annual kilometer limit should be set accordingly.

What Kind Of Fuel?

The last of the unknowns that affect the hiring of a rental service for companies is the type of fuel of the selected vehicle. At Swiss Vans we have a large fleet of vehicles to cover the particular needs of each project, since opting for either a diesel or gasoline vehicle, or an electric or hybrid vehicle, will mainly depend on the type of intended use.

Thus, for long trips it is advisable to choose a diesel vehicle since the autonomy on the road will be greater, while if the trips are made in urban areas or areas with restrictions, hybrid or electric models are the most successful alternative.

In this sense, at Swiss Vans we are aware that mobility has already taken the first step towards a more sustainable scenario thanks to technological advances and the commitment of companies when introducing alternative energies in their vehicle fleets, that is why we offer options of electric renting or car sharing adapted to all scenarios.

Find in Swiss Vans The Ideal Rental Vehicle For Your Company

If we have cleared up the main doubts that prevented you from taking the step towards a new way of understanding mobility and you decide to benefit once and for all from the advantages of Swiss Vans renting with the best services included, discover our renting offers, choose the vehicle that fits with your project and we will help you go further.

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